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  1. Quite a long time ago I had bought a set of extension tubes but never got around to using them. Yesterday I took a little excursion to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to do some macro work, so thought, "aha, I will take these along, too, and experiment!" After I got to the gardens I realized that I had forgotten to bring a regular lens with me; everything I had with me was a macro lens. I popped the 36mm extension tube on and had the best time using it with my 70-180mm and my 105mm VR....



    More images in my gallery at http://clixpix.zenfolio.com
  2. Interesting Connie. It is fun to work in the macro world extremely close.
    Very nice
  3. Thanks, Dave! I've always loved macro work but when I saw the views I was getting with the macro lens plus the extension tube that blew me away. Some shots didn't come out well, of course -- I've got to work on my technique -- but it was fun experimenting with this yesterday. A tripod is a MUST for this kind of thing!
  4. Gr8Tr1x

    Gr8Tr1x Guest

  5. Thanks, Joshua! I've got to experiment more with these extension tubes, I can see that! Wow!
  6. Really love the second one!

  7. Thanks, Harry! I like that second one best, too. I only wish it were a bit sharper! A few times I had to pause and wait for the wind to die down, as a breeze would come along and foil me just as I was ready to shoot.
  8. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    Ah, wind, yes I hate the wind when shooting macros.

    Like number two, maybe just crop so its not so centered.

    Very nice colors, relaxing.
  9. Thanks, Jeff! I had cropped it a bit (to remove a blotch that apparently was on my sensor and showed up on the image) but yes, you are right that now the flower looks a bit too centered.... Easy enough to fix that! Yes, I like the colors in the second image a lot, too.
  10. rdrakesh

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    The second one has a dreamy effect b'cos of the shallow DOF. All the best with your experiments.
  11. Thanks! Yeah, the depth-of-field thing is something I am still trying to nail down, especially with macro.... Amazing what a difference it can make!
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