Faces of the Philly Zoo

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  1. Here are a few neat characters I was able to catch during our recent trip to the Zoo. All pictures taken with my D2x and either my 80-200/2.8 or my 300/4. As always, C&C is welcomed!

    Just chillin' out

    Sitting pretty?

    Here's looking at ya

    Bad perm

    Catching some shade
  2. Rich, I love the orang-utan, nice pose. The WB seems off, however. Green glass in between?
  3. There was some glass in between in some of the shots. I tried to shoot as perpendicular to the glass as I could. However, as you said in my other post, there seems to be a green hue over the image. The orang-utan was shot in daylight, not behind glass. I have since fixed it and here is the result.


    Again, thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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