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Fall Colors near Mt. Baker Washington

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by james thiel, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. My wife and I took a day last week to go to our old stomping grounds at the Mt. Baker ski area. We drove to Artist Point and then back down to go on a hike to Chain Lakes. The colors were simply amazing. I took my D850 and tripod but mostly took quick grabs as we were hiking and it was getting late. My wife would not let me take the time to really do this place justice. I have taken shots many times from this same area so it was not like I needed new ones. I messed up as I would have liked to have done focus stacking but did not for these. Some had too slow of shutter speed to really nail the focus on the bushes. I guess I have taken too many wildlife shots and need to get back to landscape shooting mode. These were shot with the D850 and the 24-120 lens with thin polarizer attached.

    1. Mt Shuksan at picture lake. Very popular spot this time of year.
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    2. Same setting different spot.
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    3. Mt Baker. I was amazed this came out at all as sun was right on mountain. D850 has a big dynamic range.
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    4. Some really nice colors on the heather. This area is called Heather Meadows for a reason.
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    5. Stream coming off Buckley Lake.
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    6. Vista shot
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  2. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    These are fantastic! I find myself partial to the first two, although all are excellent.
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  3. Beautiful pictures. Fall looks magnificent there.
  4. These are beautiful. Mt. Baker will have to be a must see place on a future visit. I especially love the reflection shots.
  5. Gorgeous work Jim, that first one blows me away, very well done.
  6. rcooper

    rcooper Subscribing Member

    Jan 12, 2008
    All are great,Jim.Number two really does something for me.A real wall hanger.
  7. These are lovely. #1 is excellent!
  8. Stunning series. #6 is my favorite.
  9. Excellent Jim - put the first one on your wall!
  10. Thanks. The first two get shot by a lot of photographers. It is funny to see. I have similar images from when I shot my D100, D2x, D810 and now the D850. Funny the image I have hanging on our wall is still from the D2X. This is a very beautiful place and we are blessed to live nearby.
  11. Thank you. We really hit the perfect day to enjoy it and have a nice fall hike.
  12. Many thanks Terri. This is a beautiful place and one you should put on your list. When we visit your part of the world we so enjoy it, especially the Tetons, but we are never unhappy to come back home either to see the mountains, water and yes even the rain.
  13. Thanks Louie. It is far from a bird shot!!! it won't be long before we head that way for eagles.
  14. I can't decide which one I like the best--#1 or #2. I like that the reflection in #1 includes the entire mountain. #2, on the other hand, is more colorful. I like how the blue sky contrasts with the yellow grass. I also like the composition of #2 in part because of how it is framed with the foreground. If forced to choose, I'll go with #2.

  15. I keep going back to #2. I really like how the yellow grass in the foreground anchors the lower part of the photo. This really is an excellent landscape composition.
  16. Glenn I fully agree with you. The issue with this location is you are either on a boardwalk or wooden deck. The area is protected and you are not allowed to walk off the structure or even put your tripod legs down. For number 2 I have many images from years past that do show the entire mountain. This year the grasses were taller and I could not get up any higher to capture more of the reflection. I moved all over looking for a better spot but none were better. You kind of take what you get unless you are one of those folks that breaks the rules and ruins the habitat for the rest.
  17. That makes sense...sometimes there's very little flexibility in where to position the tripod. I remember shooting a colorful pool in the geyser area of Yellowstone one time when I really wanted to get into a higher position in order to look deeper into the pool. I was fortunate that there was a bench near the pool. So, I extended my rather long tripod and then stood on the bench to position the shot. The tripod was about ten feet tall at that point! Obviously that isn't possible in all situations. I very much appreciate that you respected the area.

  18. These are all stunning, but 2 & 6 look like they belong on a wall!!

    We're heading up to Mt Rainier on Saturday .... thanks for the mentioning the polarizer ... I wold have forgotten to take that with us!!

    Well done!!

  19. Thanks. You should have a spectacular day.
  20. Lovely set Jim!
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