Fall festival of colors in Northeast U.S.

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by Rich Gibson, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Are any of you "cafe" goers able to suggest a time/place in the northeast for a group shoot of the fall colors and perhaps including a picnic? I just couldn't get to the bash down south this year and would enjoy meeting some of our east coasters.

  2. Two hours' north of Toronto has phenomenal colours in mid-October! *wink* that's north and it's east!! LOL
  3. Sandi,

    Two hours north and east of Toronto could be in the "great north" reachable only by seaplane. Could you be a bit more specific? :lol:

  4. Hey Rich -

    Does it absolutely have to be in the northeast? There's some neat places in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee that display some wonderful colors in the fall as well.

    Maybe we could have several different options since there are so many folks scattered throughout the world now participating here...

    I like the idea... let's get some interest going for this!
  5. Certainly not! Then I can go to both since they'll be at different times. :lol:

  6. It's an area of Ontario called Muskoka. There are even routes they advise you to take for the bests landscape scenes, and we have newspaper postings of where the best colours are for each autumn weekend. To get the best colours, first you need the right type of trees (maples, maples and maples!! LOL) and then you need really cold nights which we specialize in. I meant two hours' drive north of Toronto. Personal, I hate autumn because it means winter's coming, which I REALLY hate, but with all this new camera gear, I might be talked into doing some autumn shoots.
    and a little BuzzPro treatment on an overhead canopy of colour
  7. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    And I'll bet there could be some good shooting in the Southwest as well.

    Not to step on anyone's thread, but -

    It's not too early to consider the Bosque del Apache, not to mention the myriad other spots in the Land of Enchantment like White Sands, Chaco Canyon, Cochiti Tentrocks, Bandalier National Monument...

    ... and you needn't worry about missing the incandescent aspens in autumn, as the wildlife only gets better as the first snows come to the high country. The nice thing is that when there's snow in the high country, you could be walking around the lower elevations in a sweater in comfort.

    We might be able to set up a "traveling Nikon Cafe" with stops all over the nation for photo shoots, come to think of it.

    And, I do.. ahem... know a few good spots to eat and imbibe as well.

    John P.
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