Fall Flowers

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  1. I have to say Crystall inspired me on this one. :smile: Yesterday, while driving, I found this glorious display in a planting strip along a Palo Alto neighborhood. I had to stop (sound familiar Crystall?). All I had with me was my D70 and Tamron 28-105 f/2.8 so I just snapped away. This is a composite of four images, which I designed on an 8 X 10 canvas. I just love the way smart objects gives me the freedom to do that.

    I hope you enjoy my "Fall Flowers". It's another in my recent series which include "Patchwork" and "The Littlest Caballero". You find links to the latter and a framed version of "Fall Flowers" here. http://www.beaucamera.com

    aka beaucamera

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  2. Nice work Virginia!
  3. Lot's of nice color in that image Virginia. Well done.
  4. Nice work, Virginia. I like the blue «spots» which break the overall warm color.
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    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
    The colours and clarity are gorgeous Virginia; I agree with Dao, the blues are striking.
  6. Thanks, Justin, Gordon, Dao and Rob for your kind words. The blues in this image were bachelor buttons, muted by depth of field. These beautiful complementary colors really struck a cord with me and even from a distance caught my eye.

    Here's what they looked like from afar.

    aka beaucamera