Fall in Philadelphia

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  1. OK yes that was a Hall and Oates song and yes these are from the Quakertown area but close enough. The colors are getting good now so yesterday at lunch picked up my new B&W circular polarizer. All shot with the D2X 28-70 and polarizer.
  2. Niiiiiice !! :smile:
  3. oh yea baby! I am supposed to go to an oyster festival tommorrow, but with the color getting just right I am going to beg my bride for a shooting pass. These are great Mike.
  4. Mike, I love the area you live in and the shots you post of the surroundings! Wouldn't want to live there since I gave up cold living long ago but it sure is pretty. Nice shots!
  5. Mike, beautiful countryside....beautiful photographs. Can't say anymore than that! ...............I lied....... great photographer too!

    Graeme :smile:
  6. Thanks for looking I appreciate it


    Apr 30, 2005
    Hi Mike,

    Very nice as always.


  8. Thanks fro looking it is so pretty around here this week
  9. Thanks Dave, seems like you got your pass and a kingfisher great job
  10. I like the four season but sure could do without winter, but will have to go after some deer in the snow this year
  11. Well thanks do much I appreciate it is is all on Mother nature I just pushed the button
  12. Thanks so much it is peak here right now
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