Critique Falls on Mill Creek

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  1. I have two views, and I would like to know which you prefer, and how I could improve either of them. Both photos made yesterday.


  2. I like the first...The falls are softer..

  3. The composition of #2 is stronger.
  4. I like the second better composition wise. I think having less negative space in the bottom right is good but still letting the water drop over the smaller drop on the right. Would be nice if the exposure was longer for smoother water through. Maybe shifting your body to the right to preserve the tighter framing but having more of the second ledge in as a leading line because I like that in the first photo, some way to have that enter around where it is in #1 to serve as more of a leading line. Maybe even just tilting your view down a few inches so the ledge entered farther up in the frame could work? But they're both nice!
  5. Here it is:

  6. so you were testing us:)

    this one is way better

    I think it might need a slight exposure bump
  7. No, I ran back up the mountain and redid it this morning. ;)

    Thanks for responding. You may be right about the exposure. I have a new iMac and haven't gotten the monitor brightness quite calibrated yet.
  8. Sorry, but I don't care for any of these. The main falls are too centered with the lower falls pulling the eye to the right. This along with the dead space on the left make it unbalanced. How about this crop?

  9. That is an interesting suggestion, Mitch, and I see your point. However, to me that crop looks unbalanced since the waterfall, which is the main point of interest, is shoved off to the upper left.

    Thanks for responding nonetheless.
  10. We can agree to disagree! The art of cropping is in the eye of the beholder.

    When I look at your last crop, my eye starts at the top of the falls and travels straight down and off to the right where I wonder why the edge of the lower falls was cropped out. I never glance at the left 1/3 of your image.

    In my crop, my eye starts at the top of the falls, wanders a bit to the left and then follows the curve of the falls down to the lower right corner. A much more pleasant experience for me, the viewer.
  11. I like that one
  12. I like the crop of the second one getting rid of the excess "nothing" water. I don't think the falls are too centered. I like the falls to the right instead of left.
  13. Thanks, Ross and Allan.
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