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Family Portrait Session

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by newbie builder, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Fun session at a local college campus. After the guards got done giving us a little bit of a hard time, they left us alone and we got to work. Light wasn't great, so we stuck to shady places and my SB800 and shoot through umbrella combo got the biggest workout it's ever had (used it as reflective part of the time too, just depending on what distribution I wanted). All C&C is greatly welcome.

    1-- Started out around some bridges over a little water structure to get a few whole group shots
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    Then as we were walking I saw this lilly pond and thought it might be a nice setting to get a few shots of the parents and daughters alone.

    2--The girls
    View attachment 245388

    3--Their parents
    View attachment 245389

    4-- Next to a neat circular building with patterned walls (a few variations of people here)
    View attachment 245390

    View attachment 245391

    6--Figured a mother-daughter shot would be a nice idea
    View attachment 245392

    7-- Followed by father daughter...
    View attachment 245393

    8-- And last, having a little fun in the trees
    View attachment 245394

    Thanks for looking!
  2. The older young lady has a pretty smile, very nice. Sent a PM
  3. Thanks for the PM Charlie, received and replied to. For everybody else, here are some reedits of the shots.

    A little less hot now:
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    Tighter version of the photo....maybe even tighter would be good? I thought this worked though...
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    An attempt to make for less "harsh" light, and also took down some of the BG a bit
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    Smiling version of the lily pond shot
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    Evened out some of the hot spots from the light coming through the trees and brought up the older daughter's face since it was more shaded than the rest
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    And since I haven't posted enough shots already (joking, I have a habit of putting up too many), here's one last one that I had yet to put up
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  4. Those are great - look like fun shots. You did a good job of coming up with ideas for poses. :) 
  5. Thanks! Anybody else? There must be somebody else who can find something to critique in them!
  6. Romeo


    May 31, 2008
    TP, IL
    Please don't get offended as I don't mean to. I come to this forum to learn and to share what I know.
    Ok, here we go.
    -on the last photo you just added their is too much empty black space on top. You might want to crop it. Next time you need to light the hair and her shoulders to separate them from the back ground. Notice the her top and their hair blends nicely with the black background. The easy way is to use lighter background.
    -#5 you cropped it which is good but the lens distortion makes the guy lean to his right. PS can easily correct that in lens correction.
    -#8 has a branch smack on his face. You can try cloning it out.
    -Need to pay attention to your background next time. #7 and pic of mom & daugther has the fan like plant right on their head. Reminds me of las vegas showgirls.
    -On poses pay attention to their arms in group pics. They are missing.

    Other than the ones mentioned, I think the exposures are excellent. Remember when shooting people, check the background. You don't want to place them where a tree is right on top of their head.
  7. isayx3


    Apr 12, 2008
    Corona, Ca
    #4 my favorite..really nice!
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