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Family portraits

Discussion in 'People' started by fireman, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. This afternoon, I shot a few portraits of my wife and my children. I intend to use these pictures in an upcoming photo book I want to give my mother for Mother's Day.

    My lovely wife Carole
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    My oldest son Yanik
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    My youngest son Charles
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    And me... Obviously, I wasn't holding the camera for that one. :biggrin:
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    Those pictures were taken in my "studio" which is locally known as my shed. In fact, I had to take the snowblower out in order for everybody to stand in front of the lights (door and side window) :biggrin: All were shot with my trusty 85/1.8. The backdrop is an old green tarp that i hung from the upper shelf.
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  2. Jean-Pierre.............. I like these............ they have character in abundance!

    I love the processing........... it's edgy, interesting and challenges the norm...................

    Very, very well done! :cool: 

  3. These are truly outstanding! They will be perfect in the photo book.

    I dig your avatar as well.
  4. Gr8Tr1x

    Gr8Tr1x Guest

    Fabulous. The tarp backdrop and window lighting works well here.
  5. Very nice...lighting is excellent. Should make a fantastic present!
  6. Tarp in a shed... amazing... :smile:

    Nice pics
  7. Gr8Tr1x

    Gr8Tr1x Guest

    Exactly what I was thinking. I need to remind myself how much I've been spending on lighting lately...maybe I should just cut windows into my shed :biggrin:

    Amazing what can be done with a little forethought and ingenuity.
  8. bob swanson

    bob swanson Guest

    :biggrin: Jean-pierre
    Great idea for a picture book for mom. I bet she would appreciate more smiles though. I interested in the rest of your set-up. Each of the images seem to have it's main light source coming from below and some from the side. What did you use for lighting? bsvirginian
  9. I'm so impressed with these results. Your ingenuity really paid off!
  10. Thanks for the nice comments. PP was easy. I used Fred Miranda's BW Workflow Pro Plugin for these. Tweaked the contrast a bit and voilà ! Resized and sharpened a bit and then added Fred's frame and that was it.
    Thanks ! I'm in a B&W mood right now and I have never had so much fun in the "darkroom" ;) 
    You bet !
    I know she will definitely like it.. She is my biggest fan.
    Funny what you can do with so little material.
    To be fair and honest, I did not invent this technique. Someone on a francophone forum I am a member of provided the link to Kevyn Major Howard's website. This was a great inpiration for me. You may want to take a look at this video too : http://www.headshot-photography.com/discovery.htm
    This is my serious series :biggrin: As far as the lighting is concerned, it depends were my "models" were standing. The door is quite low so with Yanik ans me, it really looks like it is coming from below. Since the side window is quite small, one does not have to move much to be "outside it's range". There were no lighting accessories - flash or reflector - used in these pictures. I wanted to keep it simple and see what I could come up with.
    Thank you so much.

    I have had quite a few requests regarding the setup. I did not take any setup shots yesterday so I'll go take a few today and will post them later.
  11. For those of you interested in my "studio" setup, please click here.

    I haven't yet figured out how to write comments below the pictures in Lightroom. I don't even know if it can be done. But it sure can brew a flash gallery in a jiffy so that's why I used it.
  12. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

    those are some sweet pics... a couple of really intense photos
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