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Family Reunion (long post).

Discussion in 'People' started by Pa, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. I've just returned from a 3-day gathering of the clan which has been occurring annually since about 1935. We gather at the old family farm established in the 1880's where we have erected a modern building. Normal attendance is about 135.

    We tell jokes,

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    toss washers,

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    swing in the swing,

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    play bridge in the creek,

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    listen to the children's choir

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    eat great southern food,

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    and generally have a great time.

    The kids shuck the corn,

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    while the parents take pictures:

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    Thanks for looking!
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    You did a wonderful job on the images. Good color , interesting and nailed the exposures. Good stuff.

    Looks like a wonderful time. Caught the washer right in the air. Washer toss. Now how innovative is that.

    One question ???

    lol- In the last pic, who is everyone photographing.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments. The parents are photographing the children shucking the corn!
  4. tweber


    Feb 12, 2005
    St. Louis
    Great documentary, Pa. I love the washer tosser and the bridge game in particular. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I'm tellin' ya, that washer toss is the bomb! Next time my fam gets together I'm gonna introduce it as a traditional southern activity (our grandfather's (rest his soul) roots are in the South.)
  6. Pa,
    What a wonderful family tradition. We're pikers but every Wednesday for 15 years now we've had pot luck dinner on Wednesday evenings at our house (Grandma & Grampa's). So many good things have come from this. It's an event no one wants to miss, even though the kids have seen each other only a few days before (Mass on Sunday). One unintended benefit is table manners for the children. If one forgets to ask politely (or shouts, interrupting a conversation) one of the uncles or aunts says "How do you ask?"....."May I please have something to drink?" Is their answer. It isn't tightly controlled, just that you have to wait your turn to speak, and when someone, whether an adult or child, speaks, everyone listens to their contribution.

    As a grandparent I have come to appreciate family even more than being a parent. I tell all my crowd (and folks at work) family (and friends, of course) is the most important thing in the world. You can have health, beauty, power, fame or wealth and it can be gone in a flash...but you will always have family. Cherish them for it's a blessing when things go wrong and they're there to stand by you.

  7. I appreciate all the kind remarks.

    Apparently some of you are not familiar with the game of "washers". It was a fixture of this reunion until the old house burned (arsonist) in 1988. This year it was revived.

    Two holes are dug 20 feet apart, each just slightly larger in diameter than the washer and about 4 inches deep (in the modern version we embed an end cap from a PVC pipe in the hole). Each player gets two washers and tries to toss them into the opposite hole while keeping at least one foot behind the hole at the other end. A "ringer" counts 5 points; otherwise, the closest washer counts 1 point. First player to 21 points wins.

    You can play with teams of two also, in which case one member of each team stands at each end.

    The little girl in the swing is my granddaughter, and the young woman pushing her is my daughter (not her mother).
  8. I really enjoyed looking at your family gathering pictures. Everyone of them tells a great story. Your family will be blessed by your having such great photography skills. Looks like you have a lot of enthusiastic photographers in your family.
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