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  1. I attended a fashion show yesterday... I played with the colors in PP in order to get something different then the usual flat & monotonous (my opinion) runway model shots.

  2. Hi NB23,

    Did you use noise removal because the photo's look very soft and underexposed. But i miss total focus points for the eyes. My eyes don't get pulled to something.

    The colours can be ok if you prefer them to be like that that is something personal. But in my opinion these shots lack of sharpness. I prefer a bit more noise if it retains more detail and sharpness. And i think the photos are to underexposed i cant see the EXIF data so i can't see no technical details about your shots.

    At least thank you for sharing your work.
  3. HI vince!

    Thanks for your comments :smile:
    Yes, they are all but "right"... Just really wanted something else then the usual neutral stuff. I will post the original ones...

  4. Here are some originals...


  5. Nenad,

    The first series is really dark, but I see that you want it that way (works for me, except that I find the 2nd one REAL dark). Then the originals: WOWIE, gorgeous - especially the 2nd one...NICE!
  6. Hi Frits!

    How are you?

    Yes, I agree they are way too dark. As you probably noticed, I always tend to post dark images and get blasted for the underexposure :Curved: but it seems my monitor needs regular maintenance. I have just recalibrated it and I must agree... Still, I like to explore different venues, especially for such common shots :biggrin:

    Thanks and give news!

  7. I'd suggest you save your creative interpretations for landscapes. Flesh trumps art every time.


    Bah-dah-bing :tongue:!
  8. Yes the originals are much better. The first could use some more contrast. But the second one is great. But keep trying with something new that makes us all different when we nail the right post processing.
  9. Uncle Frank... Flesh, heh? Yup, drove me crazy, probably:eek: hehe

    Vince... I agree about the first one needing contrast but it was at the expense of some shadow detail. Since I abused in the first batch, it was better to keep it cool this time :wink:
  10. radz


    Nov 12, 2005
    Liked orignal shots.Thanks for sharing your work.
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