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Fast Food Photos...Ad vs. Reality

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anthony747, May 17, 2007.

  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about doing this ... and then seeing if you could sue the companies for "false advertising!!":smile:


  2. Jeffx2


    May 2, 2006
    St. Louis, MO
    Thank you. You just reminded me why I quit eating fast food.

    In one of our studio lighting classes we did some food shots under quartz lights. Did all the usual tricks like fake ice cubes, spraying gelatin on bottles for condensation and mashed potatoes substituted for ice cream. No whenever I look at food shots I wonder how much is what it appears.
  3. That is quite interesting. I never eat fast food, just can't get it past my brain, but these sure do open your eyes as to the manipulation of the advertising world! :smile:
  4. :eek:  Anyone up for a KFC Famous Bowl?:biggrin:
  5. Zachs


    Feb 25, 2006
    I would still destroy that KFC bowl! haha I'm sorry, but I love it (only had it a few times though)
  6. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    I love fast food, and this is what I'm talking about. I can't tell you how many times I've ordered something and then handed it back to the 16 yo cashier and said, "This looks nothing like the photo." Of course, they don't care. I've even ordered things and told them first I wanted it to look like the photo, just to be looked at like I'm crazy. This is a huge peeve of mine!

    mmmmmm Serenity now mmmmmmmm

    Hey, you gonna eat that whooper?
  7. Bolts


    May 7, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Just noticed I'm eating a flower in my little avatar thingy. You guys probably think I am indeed crazy and will eat anything...
  8. Just the thought of fried chicken peices, corn and potatoes in a plastic bowl with gravy all over it makes me ill.... I dont need to see that pic to turn me away... the commerical does just fine.
  9. Awesome.

    In southeastern New Mexico, fast food is neither fast nor food.
  10. I once ordered a big mac that looked pretty close.
  11. Anyone ever watched the movie "Falling Down"? Michael Douglas took exception to the false advertising.
  12. I highly recommend the movie Super Size Me. I think thats what it is called. A guy does an expariment. For one month he only eats at MacDonalds outlets and only upsizes when asked by the clerk. Through the course of the month he eats every item on the menu and travels across the US while doing so to compare different areas of the country not just his neigborhood.

    I swear if you watch this movie you will never eat fast food again. The results he experiences are nothing short of scarry.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2007
  13. Ah yes, I can relate. In one of my very, very, few visits to a Taco Bell I went in to get a Gordita because it looked so good in the advertising when it first came out. I was so disappointed that I have never been back since.
  14. Great movie... :biggrin:

  15. One of my favorites. Of course Michael Douglas is one of my favorite actors...which helps.
  16. Gr8Tr1x

    Gr8Tr1x Guest

    LOL, you beat me to it.

    Why am I calling you by your first names? I don't even know you. I still call my boss "Mister", and I've been working for him for seven years, but all of a sudden I walk in here and I'm calling you Rick and Sheila like we're in some kind of AA meeting... I don't want to be your buddy, Rick. I just want some breakfast.
  17. Gr8Tr1x

    Gr8Tr1x Guest

    Gordita = 'fat little let down' in Spanish.
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