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    May 1, 2005
    Pic of the daughter and wife doing costume prep for the recital in a month, Good news, got a nice shot before they noticed me, I was in the process of taking the camera out to the car to put away in the bag (SB800 and 35 f2 lens, d200) Saw them, lifted up and fired, f4 iso 400, aperture, TTL with diffuser hood and straight up.

    Bad news, got yelled at because the costume wasn't ready, :eek:

    went back into the study to hide, visited the cafe, came back through got permission for a ground pose this time, and I switched to TTL-BL iso 400, f3.2 same diffuser and upright head direction.

    Interesting the difference. Sure, they have some lousy background on the shots, etc. etc. but still something to look at 20 years down the road..... I have tons of nice performance shots, Examples/_DSC3041.JPG but not to much around the house.

    Other bad news, had to turn down a paid recital gig because my own daughters recital is on same date, -$$$$ ouch!

    Oh well,

    But my reason for posting, never be afraid to just try for a grab, what is the worse that can happen? Only memories




  2. Wade,

    Those are great! And I agree, there's nothing wrong with a quick grab photo, they're treasured just as much as something well planned. :smile:
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