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Fastpack 350 and Kata R-103

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Louppls, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I just thought I'd pass on some comments about a couple of 'full kit' backpacks I have. My kit includes a

    Rocket blower.

    I have a Lowepro fastpack 350. If I include the len's hoods, I can't fit all my equipment in the bag (unless I throw one in the upper part of the bag, which I don't want to do).

    I just picked up the Kata R103. It holds all this stuff, including the lens hood. Whats nice, is that it can hold the D300 with any of these lenses attached. The Kata is a not quite as deep as the Lowepro and maybe a bit wider. Certainly feels more bullet proof than the Lowepro too. I thought I'd pass this on...
  2. Tintop

    Tintop Guest

    I've got the Kata R103 and I love it :) 
  3. agile_one


    May 20, 2008
    Sarasota, FL

    In my Kata R-103 are:

    - D300 with RRS L-bracket
    - 24 2.8
    - 50 1.8
    - 60 2.8 Micro
    - 85 1.4
    - 180 2.8 -or- SB-800
    - sig 30 1.4
    - sig 10-20
    - 1.4 & 2.0 TCs
    - all the misc bits & pieces (batteries, charger, CF cards. card reader, rocket blower, manual, cleaning supplies, etc)
    - 15.4" laptop when travelling

    Note the -or- for the 180 and SB-800. If I need both, I put the flash in the Kata, and the 180 in a LowePro case attached to the bag. I am extremely pleased with Kata gear (also have the H-14 holster, and W-94 waist pack).
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  4. kwork


    Jun 8, 2006
    Love my Kata bag.
    I don't have near as much gear as I used to but I still love this bag.
    I'll fill it up soon enough.
  5. aren't these two backpacks built completely different for comparison? Isn't the fastpack built so you can easily access it through the side?
  6. Andrew, you're correct of course. Only reason I mentioned both is that I had the FP first, and since I added the 14-24 and can't find a way good way to fit my equipment in it. I picked up the Kata 103 and everything fits great. I was more concerned about fit than function.
  7. I manage to squeeze in a D200/grip with the 28-80 mounted, the 14-24, 80-200, and either the 50/1.4 OR the 11-17 fisheye. Since adding the 14-24, I can't manage to squeeze it all in there. If I want to carry the TC14, I stick it in a pouch in the top where I carry cleaning stuff, SB28, LightSphere, spare AAs, occasionally a charger (laptop and camera if traveling), and more stuff than I should try to pack in there.

    The Kata would probably be a better fit for me since I have a hard time wiggling the camera/lens out while on. If I'm shooting a lot with the fp on, the camera is usually around my neck, anyway.
  8. ahhh icic. hmm i hope i wont have trouble fitting my gear.. actually i'm sure i wont, cause i dont have those pro lenses you have :tongue:
  9. Two Comments:
    Did you know Kata was a manufacturer of Israeli body armor?

    I must have gone through at least 2 dozen shoulder and backpacks the past few years and none of them were as well built at my Kata R103. I've wanted to get something a little larger and will probably just get the next model up.
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