Fawns still with their spots

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  1. Was out to see what wildlife I could see today and came up on a Doe and three Fawns. I was up on a knoll and the wind was a little to much for the 600/TC-17 it also looked like it might start to rain but was able to get a couple of shots that the wind didn't vibrate the lens too much. I have never seen a Doe with 3 fawns before have any of you out there in Cafe Land? I wasn't able to get all three in the same frame so here is what I got.

    Having a bite to eat.

    He saw me.
    Back to eat.
  2. It's not uncommon with white tail deer, more often just twins. I have not seen many fawns this year. They are began showing up about now in Michigan. Don't mind seeing them in the woods but the roads are another matter. I have hit 3 so far in the last 5 years. Two were when I was on the motorcycle. What a thrill.

  3. Hi Bob, I've seen twins but this is the first time I've seen triplets. They have such an innocent look.
  4. one of natures prettiest babies! BUT 3?? wow
  5. Pete, triplets are pretty rare.
    You were lucky to find these guy (I'm jealous!)

    That 600mm lens really helps you get an intimate view of their antics.
    Keep 'em coming!

    aka beaucamera
  6. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    Interesting series.
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