Figured out the color profile stuff, now a question about monitor profiles

Jun 4, 2005
OK, first, thanks to everyone who helped in my other thread about sRGB and Adobe RGB. I actually discovered that part of the problem was that my Apple was using it's own monitor profile and when I switched it to sRGB everything looked equal, how I wanted it. I also needed to stop using Safari, as it is the only browser that uses embedded color profiles. My question is this now:

When I calibrate the monitor with Gretag MacBeth Eye One it makes its own profile. Am I better off using that or the sRGB profile for my monitor? Remember, right now I'm trying to get it so my photos will look right on the majority of monitors. Am I going to run into the same problem as I had before, where the colors never matched, with the Gretag profile?

Thanks again guys!
Feb 7, 2005
Annandale, VA
I use the Gretag Macbeth Eye One and it is excellent. Most certainly use it for calibrating your monitor. I don't think there are any monitors, except for the most expensive, if that which will display Adobe RGB. I regularly achieve prints which are extremely close to my monitors. The device is well worth the money.

Jan 29, 2005
Ditto to what Rich said.

Now, let's separate 2 issues: how things look in browser, and how they look on a calibrated print.

Calibrating your monitor and using dumb browser that do not account for colour profiles you will never have a match between PS and that browser. I do not see why should you discard Safari.

Whatever browser shows, if your monitor is calibrated and profiled - you will have a good match between what PS shows, and what comes out of calibrated and profiled printer. Especially if you use soft-proofing. But you will not have a match between your image in IE and on that good print, as colour management workflow is broken by colour-dumb browser.

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