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Mar 20, 2011
hey up Cafe;

i'm wondering how i can set my D700 and D3s to name files in the following format:


SR refers to moi. 'x' is the camera number (SR1 is my D700, SR2 is the D3s). YYMMDD is the date the picture was taken (so today would be 110525) and 'abcd' is the four digit camera number.

right now i'm doing an ersatz photoshop batch rename and coming up with:


so, can i set the camera to do teh file naming i wish or what's the scripting thingy i need for PS? (CS5, apple OSX btw).

thanks in advance for any help!
May 16, 2007

As far as I know there in no option to generate a complex file name like yours within the camera.

Some explanations about my workflow may provide some ideas:

I use two different cameras on a regular basis (D3 and D700) and have to keep the filenames differently.

To achieve this, I changed the naming within the camera to "M8F" and "M9F" (since I use this kind of naming for a while, I started with "M1F".) The letters M and F result from my initials. "MF8" or so would be more logical, but collide with the numeration afterwards. So my filenames from the camera are "_M8F1233.NEF". I included the serial numbers in the EXIF/IPTC-data of each image by camera setting.

I rename the files afterwards using Adobe Bridge, sort by time of exposure (it's more important to me than the camera I used. The final file name will be for example "(c)MFocks_20110525_Eventname.NEF".

Best regards


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