Filter(s) for Nikon 55mm f/2.8 AF Micro

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  1. Just acquired this beauty from Bogrod and had my first shoot on Ring Mountain (above Tiburon, CA) yesterday shooting rare flora. Fabulous results. Also shot a candid of my wife as she overlooked SF Bay in a wind-swept setting. I read somewhere (I think) that when shooting candids with this lens it is best to have a softening type filter to reduce facial lines. Any recommendations on the use of this lens will be greatly appreciated...and send me your email if you would like to see some of the results. Thanks....and with my best,
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  2. I guess any soft filter will do, I'm certainly no expert at this but why not do this in Postprocessing? A little blur will do it... Check out the tutorial by our own Woody.

    I guess this lens is so sharp that we who own it have to soften down the results :biggrin: I Just love mine, who needs a 50mm, this lens can do both macro and portrsit and lanscape as well...
  3. Thank you...Andreas. Very helpful. I printed out Woody's "Tutorial" and cannot wait to work my way through the process.
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