Filters for 12-24

This has probably been asked before, but since the search strips out terms such as "UV" and "IR", I could not find anything.

Anyhow, very soon (two weeks! Can't wait!), I am going to be purchasing a Tokina 12-24 lens. I have the 18-55 nikkor kit right now, and I'm always hammering on the 18 end, wishing I could go out further. This lens will be a huge asset to my photography, I think.

Now, since it's such a wide lens, I'm trying to find good filters for it. I understand that they need to be thinner in order to prevent vignetting. I was looking for some reccomendations. I'm looking for the best value here, not necessarily the best quality. I'm a student on a budget!

For polarizers, I'm considering the Nikon CP II. I've heard great things about it, but it's expensive. I understand the risks of polarizing on ultra-wides, but a polarizer is still rather important to my photography.

For UV filters, I'm still in the dark. Hoyas are almost as expensive as B+W, and I have no idea which *model* to buy.

I shoot a lot of IR, so an IR filter is pretty important to me as well. Since I don't have the time or money to get another camera and have it converted, I use filters. For my 18-55 (and 50), I have a Hoya R72 IR filter. However, the same type of filter for 77mm costs a whopping $200 on Amazon! Ouch! Does anybody else know of any other good options? I'll bite the bullet and get it if I have to, but I certainly don't want to.

Thanks for your patience with my questions