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Finally, a few shots.....

Discussion in 'Merritt Island VI' started by Clix Pix, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Since I shot so many images, today I just arbitrarily chose one of my files from our visit to the Island Rookery to begin my processing......

    The trip to the island was wonderful and this was certainly an opportunity to get in lots of practice shooting BIF!!

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    (Yes, that last shot -- it's what you think it is! I'm very thankful the stuff didn't land on any of our heads or gear!)

    I started out using the 70-300 AF-S but then switched to the 80-400 VR for greater reach. With the D3 and the D300 that lens definitely has perked up considerably!
  2. That is a pretty long dropping

    Very nice pictures
  3. LOL! A couple of years ago I got an eagle depositing a load to the winds and when I was reviewing my images from the trip I also saw that I'd captured an egret in flight with a stringy mess behind him.....well, we all have to "go," don't we?!

    Thanks for the compliment on my images! It was a wonderful (but chilly) experience being out in that boat at the island.....
  4. I remember some of these denizens! We did have a wonderful day on the boat, didn't we?

    Good shots!
  5. Great pictures, I good a good laugh at the last one! Glad it didn't get you or your gear.
  6. Thanks, Alex! It was a wonderful, wonderful morning! I enjoyed meeting and shooting with you!

    Thanks, Melissa! Yep, I am VERY thankful that none of us came home with any unexpected "souvenirs!" Those birds were flying over our heads all morning! I hadn't realized that I'd captured one "doing his business" until I started reviewing my images. Surprise!
  7. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    Good to meet you and put a person with the name. I recognize quite a few of the subjects in this series of images. It was quite an experience on the island! I resemble the comment about having all thouse images to process. I didn't get home until the 13th and am just beginning my processing. I probably won't post too many, since "the early birds" have been at it for awhile and I don't feel like duplicating imagery. glad you and Kristin got home safely.
  8. It was great to meet you, too, Dave! Yep, I know what you mean about duplicating or near-duplicating images.....that's inevitable since so many of us were shooting at the same places at the same times!
  9. Yuck! Still, they are lovely Connie. Glad you had such a great time shooting. Were these mostly with the 300 f/2.8?
  10. Thanks, Rich! Would you believe, they were with the 80-400 on the D3? [correction: just checked my exif and it was the D300] I didn't want to take the 300 f/2.8 on the boat and knew it would be too heavy to hand-hold. We were shooting birds above our heads for a great part of the time!! Should've taken the 300 f/4 and stuck the TC on it but I was having problems with that TC and also I didn't really know what the situation was going to be like. I knew I could handhold the 80-400 and would probably appreciate the zoom feature, too, which in fact I did when we drifted closer or further away from birds standing in the water or on the shore..... The D3 and the D300 both have given that lens a new lease on life -- it's much perkier on either of those cameras than it is on the older ones. I was very pleased with my results. I had the shutter speed set very, very high in order to get decent BIF shots, too, and let the aperture and ISO do as they liked.
  11. Slingher


    Jun 30, 2007
    Titusville FL
    Great shots! I REALLY love #8. Looks like a fun time on the boat. It was wonderful meeting you and Kristen. I hope you had a great time here in Florida.
  12. HarryB


    Jan 28, 2005
    Viera, Florida
    Excellent set Connie. It was a pleasure to meet and shoot with you.
  13. CindyS


    Feb 29, 2008
    North Carolina
    Nice shots! The last one looks like silly string!
  14. An excellent series, Connie. My fav is #8 - wonderful colour! Looks like you all had a great time there.
  15. Thanks, Jessie, Harry, Cindy and Sandi! It was just a wonderful week and I enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing birds that I'd never seen before. The opportunities for shooting were just amazing!
  16. mattcham

    mattcham Guest

    Your 3rd to the last spoonbill photo - I took one just like that and love it!
    The lighting, color, and pose are just perfect!
  17. Thanks, Matt! Sometimes I didn't even shoot, just watched these gorgeous avian acrobats doing their thing in the sky.....
  18. johncarol


    Jan 31, 2006
    SW Florida
    Those are great. I liked the first one and they just kept getting better. I think the spoony did that just to ruin a perfect shot. Nice meeting you.
  19. Thanks, John! It was so nice meeting you, too!

    Heh, since I managed to capture not just ONE bird, but two, "doing their business," now I am wondering if they were aiming at me! LOL!!! Thankfully none of the gunk landed on any of us or our gear!
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