finally a new photoshoot:D

Discussion in 'People' started by tommhans, May 8, 2007.

  1. well after being kinda afk from the portrait pics awhile i finally had a photoshoot
    im the model in this photoshoot, and the photografers r eric younger and mikkel eltervÄg, but they let me PP some pics :D
    here are some of them:
    more pics at (please visit ;))
    comments are always welcome ;)
  2. oh yeah:p forgot to mention, i tried various of abit different PP's , and i hope you would comment these pics, and the PP in that matter;)
  3. Tommy............ great to "see" you my friend!

    Fantastic images............ full of energy and life. Oh to be young again!

    The PP works for me............ very well........... i like the way each of them is different........... very refreshing! :biggrin:

    Great work from your friends.......... and of course from you in regards to the PP! :cool:

  4. tnx for comment man;)
  5. the PP doesn't work for me, I wonder what the originals look like.
  6. heh thats ok
    but what is it that you dislike with the PP ?
    i know theyre "overedited" but thats with intention, ofcourse if i wanted a straight model pic, i wouldnt use green color, or that lightning on the glass.
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