Finally got my gear....

Mar 4, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
I finally got my replacement gear from my insurance: D2H, D70, 70-200 VR, Crumpler Shrinkle backpack, etc., but now I find that I don't have anything shoot! Honestly, I don't find my new 70-200 VR too impressive, it's alright at f/2.8, but nothing worth writing home about and the VR is overated. The lens hood is terribly designed with that stupid locking switch that I always press on accident. I actually find my Bigma a much more interesting lens than the 70-200 VR. I should of got a two collar 80-200 and a Tokina 12-24 instead of the 70-200.

This camera gear is just expensive. For noobies getting into the hobby of shooting, just buy used and quality third party lenses and use your extra money for nice clothes or something! I know guys making decent livings still shooting with D100s, D1s, D1Hs, Canon D30s, D60s, etc. The expensive stuff doesn't make you better photographers. People don't look at your gear, they look at your pictures!
Feb 2, 2005
Real Name
Congrats on getting your stuff, but sorry about the dissatisfaction. Have heart though, you'll still be able to take pictures :)

I don't have the 70-200vr, but do have the baby vr lens (24-120.) When I first got it, I thought the same thing - VR sux - but it took me a couple of months and I got used to how to work with it.

Seems it me that VR is designed to dampen movements at frequencies of normal bodily twitching only. Slow sweeping movement is tranmitted to the image, but short, random movements (at about 5-50Hz) are fully countered. Thus I always try to support the lens near it's mid-point, and wrap my arm around the camera (and if I can, lean on something.) Depending on how many espresso shots and Red Bulls I've had, this doesn't calm my twitching, but does keep me from swaying (well, depending on the ethanol level. :) ) The result is a steady photo at about six times longer an exposure than I would have otherwise needed.
Jan 25, 2005

I agree with Chris. I think that you will grow to love every piece of gear that you have listed here, and won't regret getting top quality equipment. You just need to get out and shoot after a long (forced) layoff.

Go shoot some pics. You'll feel much better... 8)

Mar 9, 2005
North Jersey

Ditto when it comes to the following

People don't look at your gear, they look at your pictures!
I'm sorry that your are not too "happy" with 70-200 VR. I personally have one and I love it. VR really works and I don't have a problem with the hood.

Give it some time buddy :wink:
Feb 4, 2005
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hi Jonathan,

Good to hear your equipment is replaced but how are you doing? Are you on your feet now?

I'm going to have to agree with everyone here. You will come to love the 70-200VR. I like to use it a lot outdoors and like Gordon said that and the 17-55 is a nice complement. Since I bought the 17-55 months ago when it came out. I have taken it off my camera once and that was to transfer it from the Fuji S2 to the D2X and it's been there ever since. It is an awesome lens.

The most important thing no is to enjoy and relax with your gear before you go back to work... unless you already are back to work.

Have fun!
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