Finding Stuff After Moving

Feb 27, 2009
So...wife and I moved a couple months ago. Most of my photo gear ended up in one big closet, but a bit mixed up. Wife decides to start a new business and needs head shots pronto. Plenty of space to set up, one room is particularly huge with high ceilings and lots of shooting space. Digging through the closet, found the Pelican case with the 3 Einsteins (and 3 power cords and 3 PW triggers) - wipe sweat from brow. Next step, found 3 light stands - check. Lead shot bags - check. Found a backdrop and 2 more stands - not the best rig but works for now. D800 and 85/1.4 - found 'em. Light stand and large collapsible reflector positioned flat like a tabletop in front of her - got it. Huge reflector for I'm not sure what yet - all set up. Eventually set it up high behind me. So far so good. But...can't find the reflectors for the Einsteins, and I'm not sure where I packed the PLMs - actually forgot I owned them - been awhile since I used them. Arghh. Light's going to be bouncing all over the place.

Luckily the wall behind me has large white pleated box blinds covering the windows, and the ceiling is white. Bounced 2 naked Einsteins off the blinds behind me. Light bouncing all over but got enough on the white ceiling and the reflector to give her flattering light. Third unit low behind her to light the background. Pix turned out fine - she hasn't given me OK to post here but she is using them on her new work website. After all done, I ask if she has seen the reflectors. She suggests I look in a big Tupperware tub in the closet and sure enough they are stacked in there.

Another lesson - being the stylist when shooting your spouse entails some risk. Uhmmm, do you have a different outfit? :ROFLMAO:
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