Fire dancers [email protected]

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  1. My wedding yesterday was treated to a show by fire dancers. I have never shot anything like this before, and I was just winging it. I shot over 100 images and this was the best. 1/100 f3.2, [email protected], ISO2000 converted in ACR3 color noise reduction at 100, Luminance 8.

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  2. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    WOW!!! That's cool! (Or should I say hot?! :wink: )

    I'd love to see photos from the wedding...had to be a fun one if they had this as entertainment!
  3. Thanks! I will be working on the wedding for the next few days. I wanted to see how these turned out, so I looked at them right away! I was very pleased to get one pretty good shot.
  4. Rodney.... WOW
    that's awesome
  5. Thanks Greg!
  6. I posted this on another forum and some people said it was too red. Curious if anyone here thinks so? Primary light source is fire, shouldn't it be red? What do you think?
  7. I think that the color is perfect. Very fun and great use of the low light abilities of the D300.
  8. Thanks! I thought so too, just wanted to confirm. :smile:
  9. Thanks Phil!