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Firefox users

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jarrell, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. How the heck do you create a shortcut for the Cafe on your pc desktop? With IE all you have to do is right click on this site and choose Create a shortcut and you're done, but Firefox doesn't seem to work that way. It will create a shortcut but it's named something index or other and when you try to rename it Nikon Cafe, you get warnings that it may not work and you should go to some folder and rename it there. That is a lot of trouble to rename a shortcut icon on a desktop especially when you have as many icons as I do.. :confused: 
  2. Eureka! I have an answer. Bookmark NikonCafe, then drag the bookmark into the Bookmark toolbook folder. It will then be a tab you can select when the browser is open.

    aka beaucamera
  3. Jarrell, You can make a bookmark as Virginia said and then drag it to the desktop. I just tried it and it works.
  4. Another option

    Just navigate to the site. Then drag the Nikon Cafe icon from the "address bar" to your desktop. This way you don't even have to create an additional bookmark.
  5. Yet another possibility


    Yet another possibility is to drag the Nikon Cafe icon (from www.nikoncafe.com) to the toolbar (or use Bookmark this page...| Create in Bookmarks toolbar folder).

    That way instead of having a bunch of icons on your desktop, you need just one, for Firefox itself (although I use the launchpad in the explorer bar for that purpose), and when you fire it up, your favorite places are right there on the toolbar, one click away. You can even open them up all at once, each in its own tab: right click on the toolbar and choose "Open in Tabs". Then relax and start reading... :smile: That is a pretty cool feature of Firefox, methinks! :cool: 
  6. Hmmmm.... I created a bookmark, went to the bookmark list, found the NikonCafe entry, drug it onto the desktop and it immediately changed to an internet explorer icon. I tried it anyway by closing firefox and double clicking on the icon and, sure enough, IE was opened, not Firefox.
    What did I do wrong?
  7. You don't have Firefox set as your default browser. Once you do that, it will work as advertised.
  8. Another way to create a desktop shortcut is to use an extension called deskCut. You right click on the page and choose create deskCut. I like it.
  9. Do you have IE designated as your default browser? Because I did the same just a few minutes ago and the icon on the desktop is firefox - which is designated as my default browser.

    Don't know if this is the right answer but it seems to work for me.

  10. Create a new shortcut

    The problem is that IE is your default browser. If Firefox is the default browser, all internet addresses will come up in FireFox. I created a new shortcut on my desktop (right-click on the desktop and select New\Shortcut". Entered the following in the Target field:

    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" https://www.nikoncafe.com//forums/index.php (one line).

    Start in: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox"

    Picks up the FireFox Icon.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2017
  11. Be aware . . .

    Think hard about making Firefox your default browser - there are some internet sites that will not work properly using Firefox and that's the only reason I haven't made it my default. In fact, it's the ONLY reason I still even have Explorer on my computer! I do as others have suggested and have the site in my toolbar up top. One click, and I'm here. :smile: If something has changed, would sure like to hear about it!

  12. Not had any problems with firefox as the default browser...Do not miss IE at all.

  13. If you want to make Firefox your default browser and run into a site that needs IE, just install the IE View extension. Right click in Firefox and choose open in IE. Works great!
  14. kdraper

    kdraper Guest

    Me either; had it as default since Phoenix 0.2 or 3. Netscape or other browsers before that. The only place I ever use IE is at work, where a couple intranet sites require it, and I feel dirty every time. :) 
  15. strobel


    Apr 30, 2005
    Algonquin, IL
    Just get a Mac and you can add it right to your Dock.
  16. Diane, glad you mentioned this because the only way I know that you can update Windows and MS Office is to use IE.

    aka beaucamera
  17. Uh oh... I hadn't thought of that.
    Thanks for the reminder, I do the auto updates.

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