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Firewire problems??? anyone else??

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Allan, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. I have a Mac Pro and am having problems with firewire. I know form this thread that Connie was going to get a reader like I did.

    My firewire bus works for a while and then stops. If I look in System Profiler it shows the 2 connections I have when it is working and shows nothing when it is not working.

    Apple has something to try which sometimes works for me but has not this latest time:
    make sure nothing is connected to the FireWire ports
    * use Apple Disk Utility to repair permissions on your internal boot drive
    * shut down and disconnect all external drives and peripherals ; * shut down and disconnect the AC power from the computer as well as the drives; if laptop, also remove battery
    * let sit unpowered and unconnected for 15 minutes
    * reconnect AC power to only the computer (battery too if laptop)
    * restart computer
    * verify that FireWire ports are visible within Apple System Profiler
    * reconnect FireWire drive (only one); refresh window within Apple System Profiler to rescan the FireWire bus; confirm that drive is visible
    * confirm drive is OK by using Apple Disk Utility and apply First Aid
    * repeat for other drives, one at a time

    Some suggest replacing the logic board, which sounds obvious, but many who have done that still have the same problem.
    Has anyone here had the problems, and if you solved it, what did you do. I bought a usb reader today, but would like my firewire to work without having my Mac go into service (which takes up to a month.)
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  2. SmilesLots

    SmilesLots Guest

    Some firewire drives and other devices have to have the firmware upated for them to work consistently on OSX 10.4.x. I have two firewire cd burners and a Motu 828mk2 audio interface connected to my Mac Pro and have never had a problem until recently - after the 10.4.9 update. The 828 quit working. I disconnected the firewire cable (something you should check and replace or try another one), and replugged it into the 828 and everything has worked fine since. So what devices do you have connected?
  3. The only thing I have connected is a card reader and my monitor. They were recognized last week when I save a copy of my system profile report. I did nothing but it went from




    As you can see the devises disappered.
  4. SmilesLots

    SmilesLots Guest

    That "unknown device" message is almost always due to lack of driver support or incorrect drivers. Does your reader have software or drivers for Intel Macs? Have you checked the mfr's website for Intel Mac drivers? Have you updated the OS recently with the combo updater (preferred)? It looks like a simple problem to me, but may possibly require re-installing either the correct drivers for the device, and/or the OS itself. Curious - what card reader did you get that plugs into firewire 800?
  5. When it showed unknown devise it worked. No it doesn't show any devises.
  6. Same thing here

    I have 5 external FW drives. All of a sudden, 3 of them stopped working on FW, but continued to work on USB2. One was a Seagate 500GIG, which Seagate replaced under warranty. The replacement worked fine. After about 90 minutes with Apple Tech support, we concluded it was a drive problem. So now I have 3 working FW and 3 USB2 drives.

    I've just learned to live with it.

  7. I originally found out I had a problem when a firewire drive failed to work. I switched to usb and it was fine.

    My firewire works on and off. When it is working the drive works fine in firewire. My guess is that Apple was wrong and there is a firewire problem with either the Intel Macs or the OS.
  8. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    Have you tried a differant firewire cable
  9. I am about to buy an new external drive for my iMac. I am not obsessed with speed. Is USB just as good with Mac?
  10. That is the only thing I did not try. I will have to look for one. Thanks - I should have thought of that sooner - will let you know.
  11. From my experience and what I have been reading, firewire gives problems to some people while usb 2 does not. I would get usb.
  12. I am using firewire external drives, both 800 FW and 400 FW on my G5 and intel-based Macs and so far, no problems here. I've got both LaCie and G-Drive brands. I have a 400 FW Lexar card reader as well, and it works fine on the intel-based Mac Pro and the MBP; haven't tried it on the G5 iMac since I no longer use that machine for image processing. I believe Lexar is coming out with the first 800 FW card reader in a month or two; that should be really handy for uploading those large files from big CF cards! It is definitely critical to ensure that you've got the right drivers for all hardware because not everything works the same on the G5 machines as on the intel-based ones.
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