Firing the cannon

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  1. This was shot in 2002 at an American Civil War Re-enactment at Black Creek Pioneer village, here in Toronto.
    In addition to the actual battles being fought, there were demonstrations and displays of various crafts and skills of the period.
    The firing of one of the field pieces took place in a large open patch of ground and I used a motor-driven camera and wide lens to grab this shot.
    motorized Nikon FA
    Nikkor 24 2.8 AIS manual focus
    Fuji 100 ISO colour slide
    5.6 @ 1/1000th
  2. Great shot, captures the power and excitement!
  3. This would have to be split second timing, love the flame.

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    Dec 4, 2008
    Valley Falls, NY
    Excellent job. I've taken a handful of cannon shots but never would have considered composing from this angle. It really works!
  5. The strength of this photo for me is that it displays not just the canon's power in the form of flame and smoke but also the reaction of the people who were operating it.

    I'm surprised to learn that reenactments of the American Civil War take place outside America.
  6. Paul, Alan, Nick, Dan, Mike,
    Thanks all for the kind comments.
    After the crew explained how and what they were doing, they gave a count-down to firing the shot, so I had time to get ready and when they got close, I used the drive to take a sequence of shots, hoping to catch the muzzle flash, which I was lucky enough to get. However, while doing that there was a bit of camera drift to the right, and unexpectedly, the figure on our extreme left threw himself to the left, which is why he is badly cropped.
    I have seen many shots taken at right angles of artillery, as well as handguns and rifles being fired, so just for something a little different, I decided on this particular vantage point, which also let me show the three-man crew.
    Black creek Pioneer village here in Toronto has staged both War of 1812, and U.S. Civil War Re-enactments for many years, and I've attended and photographed at a number of them.
    Here is a link to their site:
    Home Page - Black Creek Pioneer Village
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