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  1. Amelia Simmons wrote this cookbook, which was published in 1796 and is widely considered the first cookbook written by an American. My wife read that the Smithsonian proclaims it one of the 88 books that shaped America. In this edition, the right-hand pages are the facsimile of the original and the left-hand pages are the same text though written in modern English.

    The cranberry pie is my first pie made from scratch in about 30 years, so give me a break that the crust is a bit wonky. :eek: It is made from a recipe in the book, Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen, which explains the food and cooking of his time. Lincoln was an adult about 30 to 70 years after the Simmons cookbook was published. The only important difference between how I made the pie and how people of Lincoln's time probably made it is that I used a small food processor to chop the cranberries only as a matter of speed and convenience.

    At our evening meal, the pie followed oyster stew and "snippets," which are buttered triangles of toasted bread served during Lincoln's time. The stew was also made from a recipe in the book about his food. I used store-bought bread and butter for the "snippets."

    The tabletop is a floor tile and the background is the plain, reverse side of a wine-red art paper printed with a dark pattern. A small continuous-light lamp fitted with a flag made of matte black aluminum foil to control the light falling on the background was above on the right side. It lit the overall scene and a white reflector on the left brightened the pie and book. A flashlight in the right rear area separated the front and back covers of the book and brightened their edges to add interest. A polarizer minimized glare in the pie filling.

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  2. I'm hungry! Nice choice of colors.
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    Hi Mike. That pie looks so delicious that my eyes can't go to that beautiful book. I'm distracted emotionally :D
  4. Thank you to Binnur and belatedly to Nick!
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