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First D200 Flight Shots, A Frozen Day at the

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Bob Hierman Reserve. Ice covering about 1/3 of the lake, but it didn't stop the swans. It did get some of them closer however, let me know what you think....

    Up Close and Personal - Full Frame, No Crop.....feel the breeze:

    I was quite interested to see how the birds would get into the air, and many took off from the water, but some.....

    Michelle Quan Impersonation - Ice Takeoff:

    Mother and Child - notice not only the color, but the size difference:

    I am really getting happy with the D200, although I am starting to find that AWB is not as good as on the D2X(H), but I can live with that :wink:
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Nice Nice Nice,
    Beautiful whites !!!!!!! Color is excellent.

    Flight shots great.

    Sure am Glad to see some flight shots with the D200. First I have seen.

    Bill, how is the fps on that camera. Please tell me, fast and great :>)))

    Is that the Sigma lens.
  3. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    Hi Bill

    I love swans, so I'm jealous :) 

    How was the focusing / tracking in your opinion? I'm thinking of getting a D2H for my wife after the first of the year and from your shots, it appears that it may make a swell backup to the X, even for moving targets?


    Jim Fenton
  4. Thanks, Gale. As to the colors, I was shooting AWB, and probably won't do that anymore. AWB is coming out far too cool, if you look at my "First Impressions" post with the Killdeer shot in the D200 forum you can see what I am referring to. Same with these, changed the WB in Caputre and BINGO!

    FPS is 5 vs. the 8 I had on the D2H. Before getting the D200 I did some testing with the D2H set at 5 fps and it seemed fine. Didn't miss the other 3 either yesterday or today, so my D2H is on the way out...

    Yes, this is the Sigma 500 f4.5 HSM with the Nikon TC-14E. Sigma needs to fix the issue with the back AF-On button, I'll be speaking with them tomorrow, but I found that I could use the remote and it worked better for me tracking the birds than using the shutter button. Makes no sense to me why this would work better, but it did.

    Thanks again.

  5. Jim, the focusing/tracking was just great, but to make sure we have no confusion here, this was my brand-spankin'-newey-Dewey-D200-ooey :wink:

    I found today that I was able to do just as well with the D200 as I have with my D2H. Also, I am able to screw up just as many shots as well :redface:

    I actually expect it to get better as soon as I learn the new AF and tracking modes on the D200, as well as once I can begin using the AF-On button on the back for focusing again. A problem with the Sigma HSM lenses it appears.

    Thanks for the comment on the shots, today was just incredible, and I wish we had weather like this all the time in the winter. Went looking for Eagles yesterday and it was major skunksville, figuratively not literally thankfully :wink:

    So, as to backup for the D2X, I personally think that both the D2H and the D200 would be superb.

    Congrats on the Hawk with the tag shot. I now have 3 Swans that are tagged and will be sending those off to the Swan society this week. Hope I am as fortunate as you.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Thank You very much Bill.
    I think I need to get a remote one of these days.

    Now only thing I am concerned about is the 80-400 VR if it will be faster.
    Some say yes, some say no.
    I will hate to get rid of it But will if I have to.

    What white balance in camera do you recommend.

    Perhaps run some settings by me if you get a few minutes, for optimum use, to start out with.

    Thank you very much..
  7. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    First and third shots are great, but man that second shot really cracked me up, too funny. Glad to hear you're enjoying your new camera.
  8. Bill these are much better. Very very good in fact. One thing to note about AF and these swans. I could even track and shoot them with my D100 from the reserve you were at today. They have a good contrast and they are big and slow. All help with tracking and focus lock. I would not base these as a difinitive AF test!!! But having said that, I am glad you are able to shoot flying objects at all given the Sigma problem with your camera. I had a good day with you yesterday, (not really, I am still down from the lack of eagles), Next time we are going submarine hunting!!! Happy shooting.

    We should go to Juanita and play with the ducks. These are much harder and it would be a good test for both of us. I wimped out today. Too cold and I needed to catch up on some long lost sleep. Looks like you have a winner and I am very happy for you and all the others that waited so very long for the D200.
  9. Gale, I don't use the remote too often, I have the MC-30, but thought I'd give it a try to see if it would work. Turns out to be just fine. Are you now seriously looking at the D200? I don't think you would be unhappy at all.

    As to your 80-400, I would expect it to be a bit faster, simply because the new AF algorithms are probably somewhat better. I'd sure go to a store, or find someone with a D200, and test before I'd dump the lens if you like the lens.

    As to White Balance, I will probably start with something like Cloudy-1 or 2 and see where it goes, back to the way I worked with the D1H. This is, or course, the best reason to shoot RAW, it is easy to fix :wink: As to other settings, it is going to take me a while to figure out what works best for me. I have been playing with the 11 AF vs. the 7-Wide AF modes, and I'm not sure I have a good idea yet which I like best. Same of the Lock-On tracking functions and most other bits. What is really cool is that these are easy to change, and there is a help button on the camera that pops up text for you right on the LCD, pretty darned cool. What I did, and what I would suggest, is to set up as you do now, and then work from there. For example, I most often shoot Shutter Priority with Auto-ISO set, and I like that so far quite well, even though the AWB is too cool for me. I may even tweak the AWB a bit, to see how that works. There is SO MUCH you can customize on this thing it isn't even funny......

  10. Thanks, Jeff, much appreciated. I really like the "feel" of that third shot. Seeing the "family" flying together was pretty cool. As to #2, it was a real trip to watch birds land. I didn't get a really good "slide" sequence, but it was funny. Amazing that they don't slip when they run like that, must be velcro on the bottoms of the webbing.....:wink:
  11. Thanks, Jim. I didn't post the Geese shots, as well as some ducks I tracked, but it was much better than yesterday. I am very sure that a lot of my "focus with the shutter button" issue is completely mental. That is the only reason I can think of that would account for the more awkward hold with the remote in my hand working better :redface: But, frankly, I don't care, I expect it to get better once I figure out the bazillion AF and Focus Tracking options as well.

  12. Looks like the AF does just fine...great shots!

  13. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    The D200 will be with me Wed or Thur. I broke down and ordered it at 4:20 this afternoon (est) from B&H. Was hoping they said, we are sold out.

    I do shoot raw. On the D100 found Daylight -2 and hue +9 i had to go with. Way to much red it that camera. Shoot manual. ISO 200. AFC.
    Basic set-up. Can't remember all the rest :>)...

    I just hope that 80-400 VR will perform for me. The though of getting rid of it makes me sick. It is a Dog for action on the D100. Hard on me to drag a tripod eveywhere. However I will do what I have to, or stop shooting birds.

    Thanks a bunch for your information and help.
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