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First D200 Impressions

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Retief, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I like it, quiet, feels solid, focuses well, I need a faster computer :wink:

    It is going to take me a bit to put together something more comprehensive, but at this point, I am not unhappy with the camera. Here is an example of what I was looking for with the D200, that I don't have with the D2H.

    Killdeer, uncropped image:

    And this is what I would not have done with the D2H, crop this much of the image away.

    Killdeer, cropped image:

    This is pretty much straight from the camera, basically an example of the resolution gain. When I get focus, it is great, now I need more cooperative flying birds to really give it a workout, but so far, other than the Sigma lens issue, I am one happy camper......:biggrin:
  2. Bill here is one of mine. We took these from pretty much the same point with the same lens set up. I may have cropped mine a little more than you did. For those that don't know I use the D2X. This is a good test to see if you can see any difference.

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  3. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  4. I think that there is a big big difference, but this may be to lack of familiarity with the D200 rather than a shortcoming over the D2X.
    Jim's is simply a much better image with much more natural colours for this species.

    Bob F.
  5. Please notice that in my initial post I addressed how deeply I was able to crop as well as noting that this was pretty much right out of the camera. Note the Auto WB in the EXIF as well as my comment that I was looking at the resolution. I don't know what Jim was shooting for WB, but here is the same image just changing the WB to Daylight in Capture. I still have not worked this image other than to change the WB.

    Daylight WB change in Capture:

    As I look at each of these issues I'll determine of AWB is good or not, how well it works in what situations, and work from there. In this case it appears that Auto WB was about 700 degrees Kelvin cooler than Daylight. Jim's shot still looks a touch warmer to my eye, but I have not done any further looking at this image, but no doubt the Auto WB picked a cooler setting than it should have. These are the things to figure out with the new bits.

    Now, back to the original point, what about the resolution and how much I can now crop versus the D2H?
  6. Bill I was using auto WB, which I almost always do. In good light it works very well on the D2X.
  7. Jim, this is what I expected. I was quite happy with the Auto WB on my D2H as well, it looks like this is one place where the D2X(H) does a better job than the D200. I need to look more closely at the manual for this, perhaps I just need to do some sort of adjustment.

    However, looks better once a WB adjustment is done.

    I'd still like some comment re: the resolution.

    ps. Watch for my next post, you should have been there this AM :wink:
  8. Resoulution looks fine. Hard to compare from this test as we both cropped a bit differently and I may have over sharpened mine as well. I think I see finer feather detail in mine but it could be from other reasons also. We should get together and do a side by side with something which has lots of detail. I doubt there will be any big difference. 10 vs 12 is not that much unless the quality of the pixels is different. That is what I always heard from the D2h vs D100.

    One thing I found when going to the D2X from the D100 was the amount of post processing needed. It went way down when I got the D2X. I could make the D100 shots look great and that was never an issue, it just took more work often times,

    Having had the D2h you will know best if there is any difference.
  9. Jim, I quite agree that we can't be "definitive" from this crummy example, but my point is that I could never have done this with the D2H and had any decent detail.

    I don't see as much difference in general regarding post-process from the D2H to the D200, until you get to pulling out a deep crop. That was much more difficult on the D2H and I was constantly finding out I had gone a bit "too far". Next PP test will be to try to pull out under-exposed High-ISO bits, but I'm too lazy to try that one now :wink:
  10. Jim

    What was your lens and aperture setup. Your image looks vastly sharper than the D200. It almost looks like the D200 shot is OOF, has camera shake, or suffers from the 1.4X converter.

    There should be NO difference between 10MP and 12MP but these images look totally different. ???

  11. John, my guess is that you have hit on a number of the differences here. I was shooting Shutter Priority wide-open, had just gotten the D200, and was working with a number of out-of-the-box settings. As you can see I'm shooting wide-open and with the shallow DOF I could be off a bit as well. Couple that with the issue of not having AF-On available, which is how I normally shoot, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if I introducted some camera shake, part of which may have even been "new camera jitters". I will repeat yet again, the purpose of my posting this image was NOT to compare to anything else, but to note that one of the goals I had was the ability to crop significantly more that I could with my D2H. Now, I am sure that at some point Jim and I could get together and do a side-by-side, but I'm not sure I'm all that interested in a "test scenario", I'd rather look at real life situations. I could probably even look through all the Killdeer shots from yesterday and find a sharper one as well. Look at my current thread in the Bird Forum, see if the sharpness is more to your liking there, although the 2nd image I posted is not as sharp as I'd like but my wife liked it and she forced me to post that one :wink:
  12. Bill

    Sorry for the indirect boo-hoo on your pic. :biggrin: Looking at your pic again it looks like it has less DOF than the D2X pic so that coupled with the other issues is probably what's "degrading" it.

    I totally agree with you on the nice crop factor of the D200 in comparison with the D2H. That being said, those two cameras would make a nice combo (if you needed the 8 FPS). Ultimately, I didn't "care" for the D2H due mostly to the large size issue. I'm more into smallish cameras.............. even the D200 is really too big for me but it's the only semi-pro camera that Nikon makes right now.

    much regards
  13. John I used the same lens and the nikon 1.4 TC . The lens is the sigma 500 4.5 same version as Bill had. The tc does not record with the Sigma lens. Bill has same issue with his. Both used tripod. Mine is lesser rated than Bills. Mine is an aluminum Gitzo his carbon fibre. Here is the exif info. Remember this was Bills first day of shooting with the camera. Not a very fair test for sure.

    Full EXIF Info
    Date/Time 17-Dec-2005 03:14:58
    Make Nikon
    Model NIKON D2X
    Flash Used No
    Focal Length 500 mm
    Exposure Time 1/640 sec
    Aperture f/5
    ISO Equivalent 400
    Exposure Bias -2/3
    White Balance (-1)
    Metering Mode matrix (5)
    JPEG Quality (6)
    Exposure Program aperture priority (3)
    Focus Distance
  14. John, no worries on the "boo-hoo", everything you said was spot-on, it was just that none of that was the point of the post :smile:

    I was just so ectstaic on Saturday, and it had been such a cruddy day looking for birds with gorgeous weather, that I could crop that much and not have an image of just a bunch of pixels. You can certainly see what happened with the AWB in that shot as well, all these bits are the ones we need to learn with any new camera, eh?

    One of the neat things about shooting alongside Jim is that we have similar lens setups, so even though we shoot subtly differently we have a basis for comparison. Certainly nothing I would call "objective", but then the "subjective" is what really matters in the end anyway.

    Thanks for the comments, they are quite appreciated, even if it may not have quite sounded that way :smile: .
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