First full day shooting manual .

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Desmond, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I'm determined to take control and learn to shoot manual in future [ unless the action hots up ] .
    I started the morning with this shot with the metering showing 1/3 over .


    This one I metered from a patch of the gray and centred it since I wanted gray :smile:


    Then I metered from the centre area of this boat floor and added 1/3 .


    The seagulls were providing some challenging shots with dark trees and bright clouds so I metered off a patch of blue sky and then turned around and shot these two ...



    makes me wonder how I managed to stick with auto , matrix metering ,exposure compensation , exposure lock ...... for so long when it can be so simple ! [ of course there is still a lot to work on but I eventually got to the stage where I could decide how I wanted the histogram to look without having to do PP work later , these are all basic jpegs straight from the camera . [ I still welcome C&C if anyone spots any mistakes I am making ]
  2. I think you doing just fine and i like your pictures.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement , I think this is where you really start learning about photography - when you stop letting the camera do so much of the thinking .