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  1. this coming Monday at my local photography club. My first one, that is, I just joined the club a few months ago. So I've been spending all day picking out the right pictures to enter. There are about 175 club members, and at least 1/2 will enter the competition. I know it's just small/local, but I really want to do well... wish me luck? :smile: Here were my final four choices, based on many people's comments who have seen them in my portfolio:

    Guitar Man:

    Faux Eiffel Tower:

    world weary:
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    View attachment 100524

    So, those with experience, what do you think? Do I stand a snowball's chance of placing? :biggrin: :wink:

    UPDATE: So the competition went down Monday night. It was all very exciting... I sat right behind the scorers' table so I could see the scores as they were recorded, I must say, I thought the judges were all over the place... for example, one judge seemed to score anything nature/wildlife very low :frown: but some other stuff like a plain red barn in the middle of a boring field in bright sunshine he scored very high! (???) So, anyways, I was very pleased at how my 4 entries were received, so those of you with experience, see if you agree (by the way, there were 3 entrance levels and I think 5 categories, so these are only my pictures scores, I'm not sure if any will actually win a ribbon, I will find out July 2... oih, and there were 130 prints total in the competition.):

    Guitar Man scored lowest with an 81 (above average).
    Zoom-zoom came in 2nd with an 85 (excellent).
    AND my two best were World Weary with an 87 and Vegas Symmetry with a very respectable 88 (both on the high end of excellent).
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  2. Of course it is difficult to tell what the level of competition is in your club. You have some nice images here but not great ones. Each of your images has at least one problem that in most competitions would keep them out of the running. Starting with #1, the guitar touching the right edge of the frame, plus the fact that the guitarist is not playing his guitar will probably kill that one. Image #2 is pretty symetrical and lacks tension. Image #3 is the best of your images IMO but the light pole will take it out of the running. Image #4 is interesting but has no center of interest.

    Ok, that is probably not what you wanted to hear but is based on many years as a judge of such competitions. The one great thing about it is by entering you will learn and in no time at all you should be very competitive. You have the technical part of photography down flat.
  3. Good luck!

    My vote for the first pic!
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I love the second image
    I don't know how it would look say printed very large (20x) if there is to much on the bottom or not.
    A tad perspective correction as well may be needed.
    that is beautiful to me
  5. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    The best of the lot is Number 3, and also as a judge in the past I think it would have the best chance of placing. however, as Gordon stated the light pole is distracting.

    Why do I like 3? it evokes emotion, it says something to me, it got my attention right away.

    The other shots are technically superior, but depending on the judges, don't have that factor many are looking for. however, is there catagories? That would also make a difference. If you have a City Scene or some other sub group other pics like number two could easily be considered.

    Let us know how it turns out! Best of luck.
  6. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    one other thing,

    Make sure you watch out for the post processing requirements/restrictions and in number three do I detect a touch of vignette bluring around the image? If it is allowed, maybe even try going a bit further to ease the pole distraction.

  7. Add another vote for number 3. Do not take too much to heart, if you do not have a winner, as photo contests are very subjective, and greatly depend on the bias of the judge(s).

    I have a friend, who is a commercial photographer, who seems to win every photo competition that he enters. He usually decides on his entries by checking the background on the judge; and, then entering photos that fall in line with that background.
  8. Gordon, thanks for looking and commenting... no harm, no foul. I can take constructive criticism... in fact, sometimes I think there's not enough of it. I was looking for someone with your experience to keep my humble :biggrin:. Yes, I know deep down I'll not do very well, but you're right, it will give me experience. :smile:

    Thanks, Ned... kind words from a great photographer are good for the morale. :biggrin:

    Thanks, Gale. This image is one of my favorites... but I could not figure out how to correct the perspective... that will probably work against me, but I hope it is little enough to not be a huge deal.

    Thanks for commenting, Wade. MY wife convinced me to include #3, it was part of a series I did for a class... I like another picture better because of the the lighting, but this one has more emotion, so it got the vote. This competition does allow for re-touching and Photoshop, hence the borders on some of them, Yes, I did blur the edges of the photo somewhat, I tried more, but it just didn't look right... I'm hoping the judges will realize that it's an environment photo, meaning that it wasn't posed, I had to take what I could get, and the pole is part of that. :smile:

    Thanks for looking, Cliff. Sounds like your friend does his homework! :wink:
  9. Dave_Canada

    Dave_Canada Guest

    another vote for 3 but again the pole ...
  10. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I may not be a good judge, but know what I would hang on my wall:>))))))
  11. update added... :smile:
  12. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I have been a judge at local clubs for years and I have sat beside and been scored by some very good judges and some very bad ones. In my opinion, it is the critiques (clubs in this area all have them) that are worth the most, and then, only from a judge with very good credentials.
    I'm glad things went well for you, just try to keep in mind a few things about camera club competitions. In general, what does well at a competition won't sell well, and judges have their own opinions, it's hard to be completely objective. The bottom line is that you have to shoot to please yourself, no one else! As long as you are happy with your shots, they are winners.
  13. In the UK I was an International Judge on the PSA and the FIAP world circuit and I think that Greyflash ( Gordon) was in the USA.

    I concur with everything he has said. That 3rd one could have been very good indeed had you taken a few steps to the left.

    Bob F.
  14. #3 for me :biggrin:
  15. Very true, it was totally subjective. But I was happy that I did fairly well for my first time... the highest score of the night was a 92, so my 88 was only 4 points off of that, not too shabby I guess. :smile:

    Thanks, Bob... I actually entered that #3 in the photojournalism category, as it really was a "grab" shot... I was setting up for something else entirely, then this guy walked into my sight, and he sat down and reached for the handkerchief, and something in my head said, "Swing the camera around and shoot it?" so I did, and he wiped, looked around, got up and moved on... total time elapsed: probably 30 sec. Not much time to move that pole!!! :biggrin: Oh, and all this happened from across a busy intersection where I just got lucky that no car happened to go through and that split section. So, a few steps to the left, nice concept, not possible in reality. What it does teach me is to expect the unexpected... I was going for an architechtural shot! :smile:

    Thanks, that one is my wife's favorite.
  16. Congratulations Shaun, a good showing.
  17. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Well done Shaun! It's a bonus that you scored so high, but even making the grade got your work in front of people, and that is what showing is all about. Congratulations!
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