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First roll with my F2SB ......

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by frankier, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Finally finished the first roll with the F2SB. Taken it to Costco where they can put the pics on a CD for $2.99 thus avoiding the expense of a scanner.

    Pics taken with the 50 1.4 Ai the camera came with.
    Film: Walgreen Brand 200 ASA

    Besides the (expected) misses in the focus department, I am really impressed with the dynamic range of the pics.

    For instance, in the pic below, both the sky and the building are exposed correctly. With my D200 I would have had to expose for the sky and then bring out the building in post-processing.

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    In this one, I am not sure what about them, but I like the warmth of the colors.

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    Well, I will continue to experiment and will try the more recent 50 1.4D AF and see if there is any significant difference. Do you guys thing that there will be?
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  2. gavin


    Oct 21, 2006
    Yes, film's DR is truly excellent.
    It is really hard for me to get used to digital for (among others) that reason. Film blows up so nicely too.

    I'm glad you are having fun! keep on experimenting.
  3. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    Glad to see you're getting on well with the F2, the amount of range available is one of the main reasons I shoot some film
  4. September 29, 2008

    Your images are very nice. I noticed that you used Walgreens 200 film. There were two versions of that film, in the last few years.

    If your box has the words, "Eye Vision" on it, and the words Made in Germany, then the film is re-branded AGFA 200 Colorprint film. If the box has text on it that says, Made In Japan, with the term CN-16 then it is rebranded Fuji. If the box says CNK-4 process then it is rebranded Konica Minolta Film. Konica was a smaller competitor to Fuji based out of Japan, but digital put Konica-Minolta out of the film business.

    I have used all 3 and I use lower cost brands, since Kodak has gotten out of sight price wise in Syracuse. 4 rolls of Kodak 200 are as much as $11.00 at some stores, plus the tax on top of it. Ouch.

    You may also want to try Ferrania 200 film, I have used it with no problems. Go to www.ferraniait.com for more information on Ferrania's films.

    Good Luck in your shooting, I only shoot film, and I hope that my comments have encouraged you to look for the deals out there to save money. There is another brand of film that is difficult but not impossible to find. Go to www.luckyfilm.com for information on Lucky Film. Lucky is a brand that is made in China. It is now part of Kodak, and it may be cheaper then Kodak 200 colorprint film. Note to click on English on the uppper part of the screen.

    Steve Zalewski
    Syracuse, NY
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  5. aspiringphotos


    Sep 26, 2008
    The colors are beautiful, especially the sky against the building.
  6. Thanks Steve for the compliments and the info on how to identify the origin of the film. Unfortunately, I don't have the box anymore, but I will certainly look for the info from now on!!

    Thanks Kelly!
  7. Davo


    May 3, 2005
    Las Vegas
    for cheap film...try dollar stores. seriously. its actually decent film..and its...A DOLLAR. its the same mass produced brand X stuff you get at drug stores or ritz.

    i've searched a few lately and haven't found it...i'm going to keep trying now that i've just bought an FSU rangefinder...but perhaps others will have better luck than i have so far.
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