First shot w/ new lightstand (comments please)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skunkabilly, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Missions day at church today. This was a info booth about building shacks in Mexico, on the church lawn. I served with the gentleman on the right in New Orleans.

    The prints on the facade are of the building projects.

    I like the way the colors came together, but should have set up the umbrella. I just got my lightstand and wanted to do with and without umbrella shots but this one just came out way better, more the moment than the light.

    Shot was taken around sundown. I think I should have used softer light. Your thoughts?


    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, I thought of putting it in the lighting forum but it's definitely not pro...
  2. The shadows are a little distracting unless you were going for that look. Softening the light would help soften the shadows, but you've got 2 SB00s right? I would have fired one as a fill as well like a 3:1 ratio, to still maintain a sense of depth and to throw some more light. Great smiles though =)
  3. I actually like the picture quite a lot the way it is. The long shadow gives you the feeling of end of a long day of work. I personally wouldn't change anything. This will make a great poster to hang at work.
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