First Shots From Juanita Bay Park

Discussion in 'Birds' started by RonS, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Made my first trip to Juanita Bay Park Sunday. Thanks to cafe members Andreas Berglund and James Thiel for directions in previous posts.

    Ran into another cafe member Louis Champan there, talked a lot, shot some, had a good time comparing notes on cameras, lenses, where to shoot, post processing, etc.

    Nothing but the following came close enough for me to get a good shot.

    Thanks everybody, will be visiting there often.

  2. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Welcome to the Cafe!! I don't know about the rest of your shots, but this one is really good. Talk about a NG expression. :wink:

    Sounds like you have hooked up with a good bunch of folks. I look forward to many more like this one. :smile:
  3. Man you must have been right on top of the Racoon. Good shot.
  4. Nice place isn't it? Hard to believe there are places like this in the middle of greater Seattle.

    Funny I saw the same one (?) when I was there. He had his two brothers with him as well, but I only got a shot of one of them...
  5. Ron, good shot. I got one as well of the Raccoon, about the only thing going on during that time.

  6. Welcome Ron. I am glad you found the place. It is a good spot and it won't be long for things to pick up again. It has been really slow the past several weeks. I stopped by on my way home. I will post a few shots in a bit. I too got my first pictures of the raccoon tonight. Hope to meet up with you one of these days.
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