First thoughts on portable flash kit.

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  1. Hi all.

    I'm thinking of making in-roads into off camera flash (strobist !). I've read a great deal of the advice for the you've all given and tried to put together a shopping list. Here's what I currently have to work with.
    2 x SB-600 speedlights
    2 x SB-R200 speedlights
    1 x Manfrotto Superclamp with small ballhead
    1 x SC-28 sync cable

    Not much - but at least I have 2+2 speedlights. What I want to end up with is:
    2 x umbrella mounted flashes
    2 x remote flashes for fill in/highlights
    remote sync/control of the lot

    For umbrella/flash mounting I was thinking...
    2 x Manfrotto 305B Light Stands
    2 x Manfrotto 026 Clamps
    2 x Hama 6959 Insulated Shoes
    2 x Lastolite 4536 Umbrellas (reversible Sunrise/Silver)

    I figure this setup would be portable and reasonably stable and give me 2 light sources up high around 2m max. Sunrise is meant to be slightly warmer that silver as it has a slightly gold tint to it.

    For control, I was thinking
    1 x SU-800
    1 x AS-10 Sync shoe
    1 x SC-19 sync cord (3m long)

    I'm currenly using a D70 (plan to upgrade to D200 or its replacement in a few months time - duty free trip to India coming up), I have TTL remote commander capability, but I think the SU-800 will add a bit more scope with the use of multiple groups and greater range.

    As there will be times that the SU-800 won't IR sync with a remote flash due to line of sight restrictions, I was also going to add the AS-10 TTL shoe and SC-19 sync cord to my shopping list. I figure, sit the SU-800 on the SC-28, and mount it all on the superclamp, then run the sync cord to the AS-10 with remote SB-R200 mounted on it.

    What do you reckon - is the stand combo good for SB-600's ? Will the SU-800 sync via IR to the SB-600's and via cable to a SB-R200 ?

    The eventual aim, is to break into the School child/class portrait arena - obviously I will need to invest in backdrops/stands and probably bigger lights for classes. This set-up is for 1 or 2 pupil portraits - and lots of them :biggrin:

    Thanks in advance