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First Try, Sr. Portraits

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by Aqualung, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. A family friend asked me to take sr. portraits for them. I was originally only going to take my daughter's, but thought it would be good practice.

    Pretty standard fare, no exotic poses...but I'm interested in C&C to learn. I haven't taken my daughter's yet...Overall, she asked me to 'warm' up her skin, she has very pale skin and didn't want it so white. So if you think it's too warm, let me know. On a couple, I've tried only warming her face...not here tho'.

    EXIF is intact, they actually are in reverse order from time taken. I'm not sure why I was at F11 for some, most of the shots were w/ my 70-200, 85f1.4. I also tried my 35f2 and 50f1.4.

    1. Her fave, open doorway so light fell off. I have some others where I lit behind her but she liked this one best. I whitened her teeth and whites of her eyes. Shoot thru umbrella @ 5 o'clock and one @ 10 o'clock.
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    2. Gold reflector behind her to camera right, fill flash thru umbrella to left. Would you darken the areas between the bars, above her right ear, and would you extend the shadow on the wooden beam so it's all in shadow? Whitened teeth.
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    3. Gold reflector to camera left, and fill flash camera left as well. Whitened teeth.
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    4. Two shoot thru umbrellas 7 and 4 o'clock. No teeth whitening, as well as next one.
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    5. One umbrella, 7 o'clock.
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  2. 85 looks, no critique? I'd welcome some input, these are hardly perfect, really need to understand what to look for as I shoot my daughter's pix...

  3. Hi Chris! I think you did very nicely for your first time! At least you know how to use the umbrellas and reflectors - I don't! About the only one I don't like is #4. I can't explain why, but it's just a little too "over the shoulder" to me - but what do I know, I'm still learning! One thing I may suggest is to try some full poses along with your head shots. On some that I did, I even played in photo shop and added vignetting and such. I hope you keep it up, you're off to a great start!
  4. hey Dianne, thanks...Interesting you picked out #4 as she is definitely is a more awkward pose (one of the reasons I cropped it). The PS playing is next :biggrin:

    thanks again.
  5. #2 is my favourite Chris. I like the exposure the background and the pose although I think I'd like a bit less of the background above her head - maybe crop it a bit. I think you've done a great job. I agree about #4. It looks a bit too 'done', not natural enough.
  6. These are all well done Chris. You will do fine. I like #2 and #4 the best. The last one looks like it could be brightened a touch. Your treatment is perfect, just enough and not over the top. I think you can approach your client with confidence after seeing these pics.
  7. Thanks Patti, I'll try that tighter crop, kind of eliminates that beam 'issue'

    Thanks Anthony. I'll go and brighten that last one. Uh oh, you weren't supposed to like #4 :biggrin:
  8. Well, the arm is slightly awkward in #4, but I still like it. I like her head tilt.... maybe an even tighter crop?
  9. thanks...I'll try it!

    Here's the "OOC" picture, just resized.
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    Here's a really tight crop as Anthony suggested...am trying to keep 4x6 proportions...
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  10. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    Chris, these are really nice shots, Would have liked to see more full body shots. Also with a little post work these could be really nice.

  11. thanks Dan, will try to do more full body.

    Can you elaborate on the post work suggestion?
  12. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    Chris, this was a 5 minute take on one of the shots.
    What i did here is
    1) levels and Saturation adjustment
    2) cloned out the blown highlights in the trees left and right(right could have done a lot better with a little time, but this is just an example)
    3) skin softning
    4) recrop to get rid of some negitive space on top.
    5) a little eye doge and sharpning.


    My take
  13. nice Dan, many thanks...a lot warmer.

    thanks again.
  14. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    No problem chris, The warmth is a personal preference of mine. Sometimes I need to keep myself from going to far with it. One other suggestion. Really keep an eye on your backgrounds for blown highlights and distractions.

  15. joealcantar


    Oct 5, 2008
    I really like the 1st two images Chris, If you are going to do tight head shots leave that 70-200 on there and shoot it at 200 to blur the background out. Noticed the angles are straight on, have the subject sit at times and shoot down a bit at them to give it a different look. The second shot where she dropped her chin a little made it a better looking shot (believe this angle would have worked for her well), if you see the shot take it tell her to hold the look and zoom in or walk in for another look, once you get that walk over to her left or right just a bit and see if that gives you a different look in the same light. Cool shots for the first session.

    Shoot Well, Joe

    Kind of new here so not sure how things work here yet...Looks like a cool forum.
  16. thanks Joe, appreciate the pointers...
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