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First try w/studio lighting

Discussion in 'People' started by Jim Strathearn, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Strongdigitalart brought his studio equipment over to the house yesterday. I think this will end up being a very expensive lesson for me - I liked his stuff! :rolleyes: 

    What do you think of this shot? One 5' soft box with an alien bee on the model's right, and a vertical reflector on the model's left. D2H, 80-200 f/2 @ 116mm, F9, 1/125.

  2. Logan

    Logan Guest

    i like this shot very much, interesting catchlights. Great expression on the model and an overall great shot! looks like you have some spending to do :wink:
  3. Nice tight one, the reflections of your studio lights are maybe ... just maybe ... showing to much in her eyes. Or should it be that way?
  4. Thanks Logan!

    My wife is already cringing about the $$$... :rolleyes: 
  5. We had limited space in which to work and it was tricky positioning the large softbox, the model so that she would be sufficiently away from the backdrop, the reflector on the other side, and still have room for the photographer!
    I would say that ideally the catchlights should not be quite so apparent and that the softbox should have been positioned a little further from the model.
  6. Hee, hee, Jim, tell Linda you'll be able to take such wonderful "studio" portraits of her and of other family members! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks Ales!

    I have seen these large catch lights in portraits done by others and didn't know if I liked them or not. I do think they are a bit over-powering... But I'm not sure if they are the norm or not. I figure someone with some more experience then I will step in and let me know one way of the other.

    Thanks for looking!
  8. Good thinking Connie! Maybe I'll tell her that you suggested it! That would really do the trick I think! :wink:
  9. The catchlights are fine.

    Catch lights are a dilemma for everyone. You have to have the lightsource close to the subject to get soft shadows and the closer the lightsource, the bigger the catchlights... At least an Octobox will give you a rounder looking catchlight.
  10. Jim, You did good. I like the catch light, and the soft shadows it produces as well. Look in any magazine, and you will see various pictures with the same lighting. For me, I like it.

    Tiff was having a great time, but be careful, she may just quit her day job after all the attention from yesterday.
  11. I like it alot. Beautiful model, beautiful shot.
  12. Just outstanding Jim!
  13. Thanks Bill! And I bet you're right about Tif! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks Keith! Tif is a natural for this stuff...
  15. Thanks Frits! Having the right stuff helps... :wink:
  16. frede


    Dec 9, 2006
    Princeton, NJ
    IMO the photo is excellent - sharp, nice color, and your model is naturally beautiful. Very nice shot.
  17. Nice work, Jim. I can see competition looming for your wildlife and scenic photography. :eek: 
  18. bryan

    bryan Guest

    try putting a reflector underneath to light up the bottom portion of the eyes and to help soften the chin line... you'll fall in love with this technique! I believe it's called the belly-pan.
  19. Thanks Fred! (Although it was pretty much all the model and the lights that made the shot...) :wink:
  20. Thanks Dave! I would tend to have to agree with your statement... :rolleyes: :biggrin:
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