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fisheye correction

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by Scott Sherman, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. sorry if this has been discussed. I could not find anything using the search engine.

    I have been experimenting in different ways in PSCS2 to de-fish the 10.5mm lens used on a D2x. So far the best way I have found is by making a duplicate layer and then opening the warp dialog under edit>transform> warp. It is not perfect but it does seem to do a better job on the side edges. In Capture the image seems stretched on the sides which effectively makes a significant portion of the image unusable. I tried the distort filter but found that it does not work on the extreme distortion of a fisheye lens.

    Has anyone here found a better method of defishing this lens using PSCS2? I am aware of PTGUI but did not care for the user interface. I am on a Mac OS 10.4.1.

  2. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    Have you looked into www.kekus.com. He has a neat interface for the lens distortion capabilities of PanoTools. Works for a lot more than just the fisheye..
  3. Thanks very much Patrick. I downloaded the 15 day trial and experimented with it a bit. I like it very much. It does at least as good a job as Capture defish and allows you to adjust with a simple slider or an advanced set of options to get the best final result and most of all it allows me to stay in PSCS2 to do it. Thanks again, you were really a big help.
  4. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    Pleased to help - I have been using his software since he started. This is one of the realy great software providers - very repsonsive, continually upgrading etc. His lens distortion plugin sees constant use on my PP.
  5. Me too. I want to learn the same thing. I asked for help on dpr and all I get is shambled with questions of why. They shouldn't be worried about why just answer my question but just no help. So good to see this question here on the Nikon Cafe without being given a blast of crap for asking a question for help.

    Thanks A lot.
  6. david casius

    david casius Guest

    I used to do this with my 16mm fisheye. I would increase the canvase area by about 1/3 or increase canveas from 3000x2000 to 4000x3000 pix. I would then use the: Filter>Distort>Sphirize: setting of about -50.

    This should give you some pretty good results. you will end up with very pointed corners. but all you need to do is crop out he center part that you want.

    Also less defishing is nessisary if you keep your horizon line level, horizontal and in the center of the frame. Tilting the camera up or down will increase the fishy effect.

  7. Thank you so much Dave. I will give it a try.
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