Critique Five Favorites from the South Africa Bush

Nov 16, 2007
Astonishing series, Mike.

What you tell about the first image is almost makes it my favourite. I like how the lines align in the baby elephant and the nature behind it, and I recognised it even before you mentioned it.

Regarding the last image, it is my favourite of the series. Absolutely amazing and very, very touching. Seeing a pack leader leave to face the last part of his life as a loner is devastating.

The storytelling in both images is great, and I thank you for sharing it. It's all very moving. Great work!
Mar 6, 2008
USA, Michigan
Very nice. Love your shots.
The sick thing that happened while we were in S.A. was they killed the last male Zimbabwe white rhino, which is a sub species of the White Rhino. There are still two rhino females left but the poaching continues, all because people in China think the rhino horn has medicinal qualities. They plan to use the last two females to breed more of the sub species.
Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
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Thank you to Tor and jadlh.

jadlh: A White Rhino was also killed in our game reserve while we were there. The poacher had crossed the border at Botswana and immediately returned, which ensures that South Africa authorities will get no help from the Botswana authorities. One day our ranger/guide was proudly telling us about the great job the armed group was doing that lives in the reserve to combat the poachers. The next day he told us about the newly killed rhino and took us to visit the carcass. It had been ten months since a rhino had been poached in the reserve, which he explained is a much slower rate than at many game reserves.

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