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Flash not working on D70 ?????? all better now :-)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clickcanada, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. I don't use my flash that much, but I tried to use it today and it is doing some funky stuff. I pop up the on board flash, the icon starts to flash in the view screen, I press the shutter release and nothing. :confused:  Camera is set to manual mode, SS of 1/50 and it is set up TTL. I have tried several different modes, P, A, and nothing. I tried to set up my SB-600 wireless (D70 in comander mode and flash in wireless channel 3 group A), and nothing.
    The only way I can get any kind of flash is to mount the SB-600 in the shoe.

    Any thoughs??
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  2. I don't think the shutter will release if the flash is not ready. Could be a problem in the circuit that charges up to fire the strobe. Have you tried a fresh battery in the camera?
  3. Which icon is flashing ? When you say viewscreen do you mean the viewfinder or the LCD on the top plate? What mode is the SB600 in when it works? What lens is fitted?

    Sorry for all the questions.

  4. DrewC


    Jan 30, 2007
    Denver, CO
    yes, maybe its a non-cpu lens? in that case, ttl wont work.
  5. Thanks for the replys all, I think I have found the problem. Apparently there is a micro switch in the flash that tells the camera that it is in the open position. For some reason it has failed, and it seems that it is a common thing with the D70.

    When I set the camera in P mode and press the shutter half way, the flash pops up but you don't hear it charging even though the flash icon in the view finder starts to blink. It makes sense that the SB-600 will work on camera because it does not need the OBF to be open, however it does need to be open in remote mode.

    Now I just need a very tiny phillips screwdriver to pull the flash off and fix the micro switch. Or perhaps this is my justification for a new D300!!:biggrin:
  6. scooptdoo

    scooptdoo Guest

    My friend has a 3-4 year old d70 that has the flash lock broken (flash is always up)she has to tape it down for non flash operation.
  7. Fix it and use it as a spare when you buy the new D300
  8. Works like a charm now. Sure enough there is a little plastic cylinder that fits into the pivot point of the flash that has a small extension that pulls up on the micro switch once the flash is open to tell the camera that the flash is ready to go to work. Apparently it is common on the D70 for the plastic cylinder to get pushed back into the pivot of the flash so that the small extension is not able to grab the microswitch. Took all of about 15 min to fix.

    Oh, if you are going to give this a go your self, just be careful about touching the front element area of the flash. The capacitors will be charged and when you touch them you will know it. No need for coffee this morning! :cool: 
  9. Hi Michael,

    You might also want to note that if you are wearing a hat with a brim, sometime the brim will press down on the pop-up flash housing to deactivate the switch. I have a hat with a very soft brim and it still will turn the flash off.

  10. Thanks for the heads up, I will keep this in mind as my D70 is getting old.
  11. If anyone has this happen to them, just shoot me a pm and I can walk you though it. All you need is a very small phillips screwdriver to take off the plastic flash cover, and a small knife or small flat blade screwdriver to re-position the cylinder.

    Or you could pay someone to do it.:rolleyes: 
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