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Flash on bracket--cable or remote?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terri French, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. I am considering purchasing a flash bracket so I can use my camera in portrait mode with the flash attached. I had a person on dpreview recommend the custom brackets junior.

    I have a couple of questions I am hoping you folks can help me with. Do any of you have experience with this bracket, and do you like it?

    Also, I found at that you can either use the flash remotely on the bracket or with a cable. Which is the best way to use it? Remotely would less expensive and less bulky, but does it work well? If a cable is best, which one would you recommend?

    Thank you very much for any help and advice you can give me. Have you found the extra bulk that a flash bracket adds to a camera to be worth it?
  2. marc

    marc Guest

    hi terry

    i use cb junior, it is very good bracket

    bracket attachs to camera, speedlight attachs to upper arm of bracket, cable from nikon attaches to speedlight and flash bracket on camera.

    bracket , speedlight, can only be used if connected by cable to flash bracket on camera.

    brackets are very useful for getting the flash further away from the focal plane of the lens.

    this help to eliminate some shadows and throw the light around and behind the subject

    cb junior has an arm, that you raise to change the height of the flash above the camera.

    the optimal distance is between 6-15 inches.

    the cb junior can be used for any lens, i believe since it mounts to camera not lens bracket

    hope this helps :smile:
  3. As you know, I have the CB Jr. bracket as well, and I believe Marc was one of the folks who recommended it! It's primary value is in eliminating those horrible side shadows you get in indoor shots taken in portrait orientation. It reduces shadows quite a bit in the landscape mode as well. But there are trade-offs. It adds over a pound of weight, and your rig won't balance quite as nicely due to the height of the flash.

    You can operate the sb800 wirelessly when using the bracket, by putting the internal flash in Commander mode. But in doing so, you produce a distracting light show before every shot, which takes time, distracts the models, and eats your batteries. I'd strongly recommend using a sync cord... either the sc28 or sc29.
  4. Terri, I use the RRS Perfect Portrait bracket and think that it is hard to beat. In any event I recommend some kind of a bracket to elimanate the shadow and also by getting the flash up off the camera you also eliminate red eye.
  5. Very helpful information

    You have all given me some great information to consider. I will research all the options before I make a decision. You are all so kind to give me so much good info.
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