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Flash on the side lines

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Otter, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I am wondering how many of you use your SB-800's at night games such as HS soccer and football.

    I know the D3/700 has changed things a lot with its ability to shoot at high ISO's, and to a limited extent the D300, but I am just curious.

    I've shot a couple night games in the past week and quit. ISO 1600 on the D200 is not usable (for anything other than a very small web image) in my opinion and I don't like the flashed look.

    I'm no expert, maybe I could be getting more out of the D200, but I've rarely seen any shots with the D200 at ISO 1600 that weren't too noisy or looked like they had way too much NR done in PP.

    Not sure players are crazy about flash either. Our two (new) stadiums are known for having brighter lights than most college fields too. But still too dark for a D200.

    I remember Franks very nice FB shots from last fall using flash. But what about anybody else? What are your thoughts of using flash at night HS field games?

  2. i tried it, even with the flash mounted below the monopod and i didn't like the look so i quit....
    even with my new 400 and the d3 i won't shoot alot of night fb, just enough to keep my sponsors happy (the guys who get me press passes)...
    I think some things are not meant to be shot, like hs fb at a 1965 era stadium that has the original lights. I can barely see when I am on the field so I don't expect the camera to be able to. Some of our hs-s down here are new and have much better lights and I will shoot more there.
  3. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Joe - I shoot some HS football but for the most part I have been not been happy with the results. I will still shoot some home games this season as I just enjoy being on the
    sidelines...It's a great seat ! The d200 is useless after ISO 560 (IMO) ....I for the most
    part hate the flashed look of the photos but we do what we have to do to get some
    pics that we can use.

    I used Franks set up last year myself and while it helped - it was not the total answer.
    I have bitten the bullet and ordered a D300 in hopes that I get that little extra help on
    Friday nights and for basketball. We'll see in about a week.

    As for the players - - I don't they even know we are there. I have been doing this for
    two seasons and have not had anyone complain about it. They like to see thier mugs
    in action so I don't think they mind.
  4. Yeah, I pretty much agree. When I get lucky and get the exposure dead on, it's ok for small 4x6 prints, small web images, and images for the local paper at 800. That's about it though.
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