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Flash: Setup, Control & Shadows

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by RecalcitrantRon, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Two collegues of mine at work were married in a very small private ceremony. It was the two of them, the Minister and me taking pictures for them. They were thrilled with the photos, but alas I am not. The room was not well lit so I used the SB800 alot. I can't seem to get any consistency or predictability out of it which is a problem. Also, should I invest in a flash bracket for my D70? One problem I had was the creation of very dark shadows on the walls when using the flash.

    Any assistance would be appreciated as they have asked me to shoot a small reception for them in a few weeks (about 40 people). I told them I would do it if they really wanted me to, but I could use some pointers particularly on the flash use. Lens will be the 18-70DX.

  2. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  3. Good morning guys!

    Ron-- I think a flash bracket would be a great investment. I use a Stroboframe Camera flip with my D70. You'll also need an off camera cable SC-28 (I think). Using bounce flash will minimize the dark shadows. Typically I use TTL with the flash set to bounce just in front of the subjects. I'll pull the white card up to add catch lights in the eyes. I'll manually adjust the flash zoom to 28mm and just leave it there. Select the largest aperature the 18-70 will hold through its zoom range. Use the flash compensation on the SB800 to add or lower the light level. Use the histogram to judge light levels as the screen makes everything look brighter than it really is.

    If you really want to get fancy you can use the SB800 off camera either as a slave from the D70 or in conjuction with the D70 with the SB800 in SU4 mode. I'll sometimes get one of my daughters to hold the SB800 mounted on a monopod nearer the subjects.

    Just some random thoughts.
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