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Flashless D3 does Concert

Discussion in 'People' started by zapufast, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. My wife and I were planning to take our son to a baseball game and he decided he wanted to spend the night at a friends.

    So on short notice, we decided to go to the Molly Ringwald Concert.

    They are an '80's band and I have never heard them before.

    I grabbed the D3 and 24-70 on the way out and not my bag.

    I had (1) 8GB card in it and no flash. Once I got there it was extremely dark, I couldn't take pictures off stage, just too dark. I couldn't even take pictures of our friends.

    There was a Canon guy there (We won't hold that against him, he was a nice guy....... jk :wink:) , and before the night was over, I think he was a little disappointed in his pictures.

    I think we have a new Nikon fan.

    This is my first concert I have ever taken pictures at and wasn't prepared at all, so I think they turned out ok.

    If anyone has pointers or comments that would help me do better at events like this, please speak up! The lights were pretty crazy to deal with!

    Here is the link to a few more, still have some to edit. http://www.goldenexposures.com/p397079655/

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  2. JoJo2Fast


    Nov 20, 2007
    Auburn, WA
    Oh my god haha, the D3 is freaking amazing. I'm so glad I haven't shot with one yet cause I'd probably sell everything I own to purchase one. Amazing photos and so sharp and clear!!!

    I was in such awe of the D3, I forgot to tell you that #1 and #2 are my favs. Looks like you dealt with the lights very well according to #2 and #7. Can't wait to see more once you go to another concert.
  3. Great stuff!


    Great captures, concert photography is one of the most challenging photography for me - you did excellent with yours.

    Tips...? I think you should be giving me some - what I do is that I am never afraid to increase to iso and stop the lens down (I chimp a lot during concert shoots) I try different things and always almost shoot with auto white balance on.

    Spot meter is a given as well.
  4. great shots
    but.... did you shoot auto-ISO?
    i looked at all of your EXIF data and the ISO was much lower than i expected
    i'd shoot auto-ISO at 1/3200 max
    with a lower limit at 1/60

    please don't misunderstand me...
    i like them
    but... you'd have had many more keepers.... and an even more amazing experience with ISO 1/3200

    maybe you could have shot the crowd and your friends in it

    thanks for sharing
    i've always loved molly ringwald

    how was the concert?
  5. Very well done Tim. Did you use a tripod or were these handheld. Love the lighting on image #2 and #3.
  6. They look great to me Tim. Hey... is that Michael Jackson in #4? :rolleyes: 
  7. Thanks Jordon, The D3 is an amazing camera.
    I really liked #1 myself. That was during the concert, he saw me to the side of the stage and gave me a shot.

    Thanks Dude, I chimped more than I would have liked because I was shooting RAW and only had 1 8GB card, so I deleted bad shots to make room.
  8. Hey Greg, the concert was GREAT! They really get the crowd involved.

    I did shoot auto ISO up to 6400 max and 12,800 max, I like the 6400 max better, but tried both.

    I also tried 1/40, 1/50, and 1/60 shutter speeds, and it looks like I got most keeper from 1/50 and 1/60.

    I have more keepers, just started processing them and haven't had time to finish.

    The problem is the lights on stage....... one second you would be at ISO 6400 and the next shot you would be at ISO 1800.

    Thats for the tips! I will try going with the ISO 3200 next time and see how clean they are.
  9. Thanks Gordon, I shot everything handheld. I don't think I would have got these shots with my D200.

    Thanks Roy, No, but thats what I thought also!!:biggrin:
  10. #1 is a great shot - I love the glint in his eye! Great colors all around, Tim.

  11. Pointers? YOU want pointers? Not only are the shots amazing, but your composition and handling of lighting is stunning. These shots are of the caliber to be found in magazines or on posters. My compliments. The colors are perfect.

    I see a great career doing this for money if you choose.
  12. Tim, these are fantastic. Especially like #1 for all the reasons already pointed out. You should probably try to contact the band with some lo-res samples of these, I bet they'd be interested in them.
  13. rrx3


    Jun 14, 2008
    Wiltshire, UK
    I love the last shot.. amazing work!
  14. Awesome pics - #4 is ISO 5600!
  15. I'll second Rich Gibson's comments. These shots are magazine quality.

    Can I ask you to share your secrets?

    Every venue I've seen prohibits cameras. How did you get your gear into the concert, and once you did, how did you keep from getting spotted by security and tossed out?
  16. Thanks Sean! #1 is my fav also!:biggrin:
  17. Wow, thanks Rich!
    I blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.
    Best part of it, it was a blast shooting and being there.
    The D3 really shines in conditions like these......just a great camera!
  18. Thanks David, not sure if the band would be interested or not, I'm sure they have tons of great pictures. I might e-mail them and see if they are interested.

    Thanks, Gary! I was trying to get the whole crowd at 24mm.

    Thanks, Danielle. Great Camera, what can I say?
  19. Thanks Frank,

    No Secrets here:

    D3 w/ 24-70
    Auto ISO up to 6400
    Spot Metering
    Shutter Speeds 1/40-1/60

    As far as getting in, cameras were allowed. :cool: 
    There was a Canon shooter, that was covering the event.
    He had (2) bodies, one with short lens and one with 70-200 with flashes.
    I talked to him about the event and he said, " Go get your stuff".
    So I went and dug it out of the trunk, although without a flash I was very optimistic. D3 proved me wrong again.
  20. i greatly appreciate your reply
    the images are nothing short of STELLAR

    very well done
    i can imagine that the lighting, which changed dramatically every single second was difficult to judge
    you did well
    the D3 did well

    your skill and that body... a killer combination
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