Flat Panel Monitor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by woundedmallard, May 3, 2007.

  1. I guess you never realize how nice it is til you're looking at your onw stuff on it! Just got a Dell E207WFP 20 inch LCD and it's sweet! Courtesy of my sister as an early b-day present (#40.:eek: ..ugh!) :biggrin: What the hell was I doing with a dinosaur monitor for so long???
  2. I retained my CRT monitor until April of this year when I changed it for a superb ViewSonic FLT. I still have a large CRT TV though and I will not be changing that for some time yet.

    Like you I was a bit slow off the mark getting a flat screen, but I had not realised that they had improved so much.

    BW. Bob F. Cornwall. UK.
  3. Congratulations. Nice gift!
  4. Nick7


    May 12, 2006
    Good for you! I really like my 24" Dell but refuse to visit a friend with a 30" Mac :tongue:

    /Monitor mania!
  5. I also like my new Dell 24" flat panel, but when I go back to my old Viewsonic 19" CRT on the desk behind me I see details that the LCD doesn't render nearly as well.
  6. Wow, if a sibling ever bought me something that nice I'd wonder if they were needing a kidney!

  7. LOL, as far as I know I'll not be donating any organs!! I have the good fortune of having a very generous sister, who in turn, is very aware that she has an eternally broke brother!! :biggrin: I told her my 2 annual DVD movies are en route already for her birdthday!! LOL :wink:
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