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Florals with the 35/2

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Uncle Frank, May 14, 2007.

  1. I ordered a Mother's Day arrangement from Thea's Garden, which is run by a neighbor out of her house, with flowers homegrown in her backyard. The bouquet was beautiful, so I decided to document it while it was still fresh. I was shooting in our small spare bedroom, and it was too tight for the 60mm micro. Fortunately, the 35/2 works wonderfully for closeups, too, and offers the advantage of greater DOF.

    Shooting data was 1/30s f/5.0 at 35.0mm iso100, and I used 2 off-camera flashes triggered by an su800.

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  2. mematsu


    May 2, 2007
    los angeles
    Nice. You can almost smell it.
  3. Uncle Frank,
    The flowers are stunning. I'd love to have a florist nearby who could offer flowers like this.
    The photography isn't bad, either! Ya gotta love that 35/2! It is so sharp and contrasty and the colors come through beautifully. Very nice!
    Just a question...while I love the arrangement, the setting almost looks a bit too antiseptic or spartan. Do you think it's because the arrangement is centered in the frame (more or less)? Or is the background a bit too bland or featureless? Or is it just my old eyes?
    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, as well as any you might have to offer regarding your new lighting setup and whether you used it for this image (ala Edwardneal's messge above).
    As always, some very nice work and hats off to Thea and her garden.
    God bless.
  4. Sure! As I said, I used the 35/2 for the shot. I set ISO at the camera's lowest level of 100, and the aperture at f/5, so I'd have good IQ and some DOF to work with. Ambient light wasn't a factor, since I had the blinds drawn, but it was bright enough for focus.

    I shot an sb800 through an umbrella from frame right, and bounced another sb800, with the diffuser dome on it, off the ceiling at frame left. The diffuser dome directed some light forward, which softened the shadows resulting from the umbrella on the right. I triggered the flashes with the SU800, and fiddled with their relative power outputs until a review of the histogram in the LCD looked OK.
  5. I'm very fortunate to know Thea. She cuts me some great deals since we've worked together. We did a wedding together in 2005, and have another coming up this year.

    None of the above. It was just a decision on my part to let the flowers be the art. I'm going to give Thea a print for her presentation book, and didn't want to detract from them.

    As for the technical stuff, it's all there in my response to Ed.

    I hope this site fills your needs, because it's great to have you as a threadmate again, Reverend Doug.
  6. I can certainly understand why you would not want to detract from the flowers in any way. They are lovely.
    And I did read your response to Edward's question. You're clearly having a lot of fun with this new lighting setup... and the results just keep getting better and better. I'm wondering if there is an inverse relationship between bank accounts and the quality of lighting equipment in the kit! But then this is about fun!
    And thanks for the kind words, Frank. I'm enjoying this forum immensely. Great attitude. Good fun. And generous people. I number you among them.
    God bless.
  7. Beautiful, Uncle Frank. I've had the 35 f2 for a month or so, and I'm liking it a lot. Still getting to know it.
    Nice job lighting the flowers.

  8. Thanks, Jack!
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