Florida, Day 2, Everglades out of Everglades City

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  1. Our second, well actually our 3rd since Sunday was spent in Miami at the football game, day to ourselves in Florida was an all-day affair in the Everglades and Thousand Islands. I never thought I'd say this, but we now have so many Egret images I'm not posting anymore, just the "different" stuff :lol: .

    Our first "out of the bus" was an Airboat ride. For anyone who has not done this, what a hoot it is. Not the best for photography, but a hoot none the less.

    This first image is from Nancy, and shows what we are running through at about 20 mph or so, maybe even faster.

    Through the Tunnel:
    I know it isn't Bird or Animal, but it sets the mood, OK?

    Then we happen upon this little 6 foot 'Gator, I love the reflection of the head and eye.

    What? Another boatload of tourists and no food for me???:

    Then we found another bigger 'Gator, about 11 feet long. Here is Nancy's 'Gator shot. She walked up to the bow of the airboat right next to the guide when he did this.

    Up Close and Personal:
    I like the focus point being on the hand, with that water dripping off.

    There are a fair number of Wild Pigs in this area as well. They are fed corn and occasionaly become 'Gator food when they try to swim between the islands.

    Mother and Young:

    As we were coming back to the dock, a couple of Pelicans were there to greet us. This one flew off of one boat coming to see us because we are so much friendlier. This is Nancy's Pelican flight shot and is the only image here that is cropped at all.

    Coming Over:

    And then he landed.

    Pelican Eye:

    A bit later we saw these two Pelicans, they are all over the place.

    Watching the Boats go By:

    We saw a fair number of Osprey and have some great shots of them sitting in trees, but notice that you still haven't seen an Osprey flight shot from me........ :cry:

    I really like shooting in the light, with subjects fairly close. And Nancy is now really starting to chew up CF card space, it is scary....
  2. Excellent series Bill !!!!! sounds like allot of fun. Not sure which I like most, have several. LOL............but the pelicans eye stands out and really like the first one............nicely done!!!

  3. Thanks, Keith, the trip is grand, and we still have a couple of days to go here in SoCal.

    The first shot was done by my wife Nancy, who is really starting to enjoy this photo stuff. I shot a whole series of a couple of the tunnels with the D2H which I will try to make into animated GIFs just to see how they look. Trying to stay stable with a monopod on these moving boats is a real struggle.

    As to the Pelican's Eye, that was all I could get in the frame and I was about at minimum focus distance. That bird was only a few feet away.

    Thanks for the comments, I can't wait to get home and see what these look like on a calibrated monitor.
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