Florida gator

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  1. This is a small gator that was at the park on the river today. I have seen such beautiful shots of gators but I really have a problem getting the proper exposure to bring out the best photo. This was taken around 2:p.m. and that may be why I had such a problem...taken with Sigma [email protected] 300mm
    thanks for looking.
    same pic with crop and inhanced color

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  2. nice shot
    but, i suppose that the HARSH, OVERHEAD light caused this image to show a bit too much contrast

    it's hard to shoot at THAT time of day
    i think that you did well
  3. i'd crop it from the right.... so that you don't see that TWIG in the upper right-hand corner... IMHO
  4. I like my gator fried to a crisp with lots of dipping sauce! YUMMY! :biggrin: Nice capture, BTW!
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    Nice, Tom. I see you shot at 300mm; maybe try again at 70mm for more DOF? :wink:

    Cajun Angel (Dianne) told me that his skin looks a bit dry and she'd like to see him with maybe some cooking oil sprayed on him. :wink: again.

    Somebody stop me!

    Ok, for real: Love the little paw sticking out and the gator's eyes looking to the left. This gator is one sexy momma!
  6. LOL, I did? siomebody fry that thing!
  7. The gator was real young at about 4 ft. I though the same thing but they would put me under the jail if I ate it....LOL I will go back today and see if it's still in the same area and if so try to get a better picture at 70 mm
  8. Only 4 ft?! Well guess it's just right for an appetizer! LOL! :tongue::biggrin: