Flower ID Please, and a few Dragons

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  1. Flower ID and a few Dragons.
    It has been awhile since I have been able to go out and shoot. I went to the river today to photo a building and as it usually goes, when the light got iffy, ended up shooting something else.

    This flower is shrub like, and was 4 feet above the ground. it is about 5 to 6 inches across.
    70/200 and short tubes.

    Stamen Details 70/200 full set of tubes.

    It's in here somewhere.

    These are growing on a pond. 200/400

    The dragons were shot with the 200/400, and tubes.



    Bumble bee 70/200
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  2. What a great set Tom! The first is a Hibiscus variety I believe. Beautiful sharp bee on that last one... I really like #3 too, though the centered comp is a bit dull...
  3. Spectre


    Feb 20, 2008
    Can't help you with the flower, sorry. Beautiful dragons....
  4. Very nice pictures.

    The first two are indeed some Hibiscus.
    #3 is a thistle (genus Carduus) with a soldier beetle digging for pollen
    #4 is a water hyzinth (Eichhornia sp.)

  5. Nice shots! I wouldn't want to stick my nose into the blossom in #2 to enjoy the fragrance:biggrin:. I like the lighting and dark background in the third Dragon shot, too. Thanks for sharing your work.
  6. Thanks. This is the first time I have tried to shoot them this year. I missed some wonderful dragon shots, had a beautiful mating pair, but 1/80 in a wind, just doesn't cut it. I had lost the full sun and a front moved in early, just my luck on the day I decide to get out early. LOL

    Your right Rich about the compo, I was in knee deep weeds, after a 2 shots of the thistle, I found myself under attack by fire ants:eek: and retreated beyond the 200 micro range; I suddenly had lost all interest in the flower.

    Thanks for the ID Harry. I thought it might be in the thistle family, but it was much taller than I was accustom to seeing, maybe it's height was due to the afternoon shaded location, dense growth and competition for the light.

    This flower was fun to shoot. I could not figure how to convey the bumble bee action I saw, in pics.

    The bees went to the back/red of the flower, so incoming traffic would land before finding the flower occupied. Many many fights broke out, which I recored, albeit out of focus. This went on for a long time, until a bull of a bee settled in, it was a bit obvious that somehow the other critters knew him and knew he was in the flower, ( pheromones?) for he went unchallenged during his lengthy visit. He stayed so long, I had to ease him out to improve the action and air traffic. It is most fun watching nature so closely:smile:
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    Jul 27, 2005
    Beautiful shots Tom. Favorite of course is the second dragonfly shot.
  8. outstanding work Tom!!